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CCCB hosts Kosmópolis ‘13, the amplified literature festival

Written by Adriana

The Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, known as CCCB and located in the heart of the most artistic and lively area of Barcelona, the Raval, hosts the seventh edition of a literary festival called Kosmópolis. This cultural event gets together during the 14th, the 15th and the 16th of March writers, poets, journalists, scientists, playwrights, editors, actors, screenwriters, etc., in a series of debates, discussions and conferences generated around the literary genre in all its manifestations whatever what is the media. That is why Kosmópolis is defined as the amplified literature festival.

The theme this year is “Science, humor and lemurs“. Could you think of a better subtitle for this event? During three days they will talk about the relationship between science and science fiction, for example, between the scientific and literary reality. So you can attend a lecture on quantum physics applied to literary concepts as invisibility, or find commonalities between genome structures and literature structures. They also give much importance to humor in literature and in media as a lens to look through at the world in a conversation between the showman Andreu Buenafuente and writer Juan Jose Millas. The lemur is got back in this edition as a metaphor, as a endangered real animal with a perpetual surprised look on its face.


Besides all that at Kosmópolis 13 pays an extensive homage to the Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño on the 10th anniversary of his death and because of the presentation of Archivo Bolaño. 1977-2003, an extensive exhibition on the author, considered one of the most influential of latin american literature. During these days of March they will also explore the rise of the graphic novel by, for example, a comics workshop, or you will have the opportunity to attend a series battle with Nacho Vigalondo. It’s worth mentioning that the speakers will also talk about the future of reading, visual poetry or the world of book publishing, among other activities andexhibitions.

If you are spending a few days or a long term in one of our rental apartments in Barcelona, and you are a literature lover, a comic freak, or devotee of culture and arts, you can’t miss out on Kosmópolis in the CCCB. See the program here.

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