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Mobile apps for your pet

Written by Adriana

If you usually travel with your pet you would know the disadvantages this may entail with regard to housing, transportation or food. To do this in ShBarcelona we offer you apartments that allow you to live with your pet in Barcelona, and we give you some tips about mobile applications that will help you find everything you need to enjoy the city with your pet.

mascotas bienvenidasMascotas Bienvenidas (Pets are Welcome): This application offers an extensive catalog of places you can go with your pet wherever you are. It locates you on the map via GPS and shows you accommodation, bars and restaurants, public places and many other places you can take your pet if required. This is a MUST.

iKibble Free: we are sure that you’ve often wondered what consequences could have for your pet to eat a food that you are consuming. This application lets you know what effects have some particular food on the animal to not alter their health.

app petWouwi: Like you have a profile on Facebook, your dog, cat, bird, hamster or any other animal you may have, can have one too! Wouwi provides a perfect pet social network to share and immortalize all events or situations that your pet experience along with the community that inhabits this application.

MapMyDogWalk: register in this application and share your walks with your pet with the rest of the world. With MapMyDogWalk you’ll know how many kilometers have you walked, how long you have walked, calories burned, etc. Perfect for going out to exercise with your dog, for example.

Perfect Dog: This app helps you choose the breed of the dog you will have, or to better understand the characteristics of your dog to care for and feed it better. It shows your pet’s needs in terms of food, exercise, training, etc.

dog whistleDog Whistle: as indicates the name of this application, it is simply a whistle to train your dog. You can determine the frequency, pitch, duration whistle, pattern, etc., to train your pet as you want.

Bibulu: very useful if you don’t like to leave your pet in a kennel during your holiday or during a short absence during which you can’t take care of it. This application provides a network of foster care for your pet, like a nanny for your animal. If you’re planning on being one of the hosters you know it’s a paid service. Not bad, right?

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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