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Participate as a guest guest at Spoonik’s clandestine dinners

Written by Adriana

The two young chefs Jon Giraldo (Colombia, 1982) and Jaime Lieberman (Mexico, 1983) invite you to dinner at their own house. Yes, you read that right. These two wonders of the kitchen who have worked in the kitchens of restaurants with Michelin stars, opened the doors of their own home in Gràcia to welcome and provide you with a “multisensory experience” in which not only the taste of the food is important, but also the aesthetic and artistic aspects. At Spoonik, name that Giraldo and Lieberman has given to this experience (now you will know why), they serve a tasting menu with wine pairing all inclusive for only 90 euros with dishes that will vary month to month, in which you will find dishes that give an idea of the origins of the cooks: a cornetto shrimp ceviche, a truffled egg with fresh pasta, a turbot “calçotada” or sweet veal, topped by a spectacular surprise dessert. The menu changes according to the season, so when you go, there will be many surprises and what you eat will be unique and original. Do you want to receive an exclusive invitation to the chef’s house? In this interview with ShBarcelona Giraldo tells us how…

How the idea of opening Spoonik came up and how did you choose this name?

jon giraldo y jaime liebermanSpoonik arises naturally when we were studying gastronomy, we invited friends over for dinner to put into practice what we had learned and they enjoyed it so much that they were asking for private events for their friends or for work groups and one thing led to another.

The name was created by inspired by the trip to the stars of Sputnik, by that relationship between stars and haute cuisine today, this led to Spoon & unique and SPOONIK.

Who’s behind Spoonik and what is your background?

Jon Giraldo and Jaime Giraldo Lieberman (you can see our curriculms in

What is the menu of this dining experience?

It’s a tasting menu in 8 times with wine, we work with a 75% of vegetables, 100% with temporality, both vegetables and with the products from the sea mainly, our menu is gluten free and avoid the most common allergens for anyone feel the “weird” in a Spoonik dinner. We invite friends and friends of our friends and we are all equal. Besides that, we think that the pairing is not only for wines, as we pair also with special breads and with music, each dish has a different music.

Being a “clandestine” restaurant in the chef’s own home, how can we manage to get an invitation?

Contacting us and requesting access at

What are the highlight dishes in this culinary tour?

Each menu has an important dish and we change the menu every month, so the list would be long, but if we have to talk about the “musts”, would be the unstructured Ajiaco, inspired by a traditional Colombian soup with “guascas” (a spice that grows only in Colombia and is only used in the ajiaco, and others are textures of potato and sweet corn, as mandated by the pre-Columbian tradition. And on the other hand is the Iberian Gill pibil, Yucatan preparations made of orange and achiote and used for a candied Gill vacuum for 24 hours at 68 ° C and accompanied with Mexican pancakes foam, hot orange and crunchy pickled red onion.

Can you give us some information in the future of Spoonik?

We can tell you that we collaborate with Iurantia (Casanova Street 42) and with the Mezcaleria Besame Mucho (Laforja Street 128) for both spaces we have designed a menu keeping an eye on the area and the times and work shoulder to shoulder with the people on their kitchen team that mainly depends on us.

In addition, we own a franchise of frozen yogurts called Wondays, where we sell 100% natural yoghurt with a slow fermentation with seasonal homemade toppings, hot chocolate and “melindros” (sponge fingers) over the summer and also a fruit juice bar.

And finally, a curiosity… what can we cook when inviting a chef to have dinner?

Traditional food, when more original the recipe is, the more history it has within a family the better. I love to try the Grandma’s soups or stews of our guests and we don’t like at all that they want to surprise us with new things.

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