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Designs made in Barcelona

Written by David

Barcelona is a city full of ideas and talented designers in very different areas. ShBarcelona brings you today 5 designs made in Barcelona, a combination of classic brands and new projects…

  1. Palens sunglasses

designs_bcn4The last trend in sunglasses is wooden sunglasses! There are many brands that work with this idea but Palens was the first to do it in Barcelona (they started in the summer of 2012). Palens sunglasses are handmade in the city, present six different designs and you can find them in around 20 shops all over Barcelona. You can also check all the designs, options and prices online, but the average price is 140€.  


  1. Brava shirts

Brava presents patterned shirts with original designs: flowers, dots, clouds, bikes, cassette tapes or more Barcelonian items like the retro syphon bottle. They have men and women shirts but also accessories (ties, bow ties and hankies). They identify with the city and claim to be cosmopolitan, transgressive, mediterranean, but with strong traditions. Their products are designed and produced entirely in Barcelona, made in local workshops, maintaining fair trade and using certified cotton and ecofriendly materials. The average price is 80€, but check their website because they sometimes offer discounts and sales.

  1. Vaho bagsdesigns_bcn5

Vaho bags are quite popular around Barcelona. They are handmade from recycled posters and
advertising flags from the city. They started in el Born in 2001 and have now three physical shops in different areas of Barcelona. They claim you cannot find two identical hand-made bags since none of the graphics will be repeated. The average price of the bags is around 70€.

    4. Octaevo

designs_bcnOctaevo is a new stationery brand based in Barcelona. Inspired by the Mediterranean essence, their designs are colourful and fresh. They started with notebooks, envelopes, diaries, bookmarks and bags but their collection is expanding, and they commercialize now vases and more items will come along quite soon. You can browse their website to check the catalogue and prices, which vary depending on the item.


  1. Vialis shoes and trainers

Vialis started in the Born area in 1996 by a shoemaker trained in Menorca. They specialize in women shoes (including boots, sandals, bags and purses) but also commercialize the unisex trainers Aro. designs_bcn2According to them, they’re looking for tradition, creativity and authenticity in their products. They use vegetable tanned leather and appreciate the aging of leather, as you can see in their shoes. They have 8 shops in the city (one of them in the Airport) and you can check the catalogue on their website and buy online.



About the author


David is an English teacher and a part-time writer.

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