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The most amazing tattoos seen in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and a reference of those who follow fashion trends, design and technology worldwide. Many who live in this city wears and follows the latest fashion in every sense, both in the clothes they wear and what decorates their body like tattoos.

Tattoo from LTW

Tattoo from LTW

If you look at the young people (and not so young as well) walking through the streets of the city you can see some of the most original and well done tattoos you’ve ever seen. In this type of body art they are also trends due to the person that is tattooing or some designs that people tend to like getting tattooed (cover photo: LTW Tattoo shop).

In ShBarcelona we keep showing the city, this time via some of the tattoos by local artists and the most renowned tattoo centers of the city.

The most original tattoos

Tattoo from L'Embruix

Tattoo from L’Embruix

In Barcelona the people are much more daring with their tastes than in many Spanish cities and even European cities. Therefore, its people get more original and different designs tattooed. You might see movie characters in arms and legs, or favorite foods caricatured tattooed somewhere on people’s body. Everything you can think of can be tattooed in your skin.

The most colorful tattoos

Tattoo from Santa Demonia

Tattoo from Santa Demonia

Some people want to express their joy through colorful tattoos, or just likes how certain tones are tattooed on the skin. In this case, you can also see many examples in the bodies of Barcelona, ​​that came out of tattoo shops of town. The inks can be combined in infinite ways in your skin…

The classic tattoos

Tattoo from LTW

Tattoo from LTW

There are more traditional people that prefers to get a more traditional tattoo because they consider it an art form, more than a thing to show for ever in their skin. Those tattoos tend to be without any color, black and white, and with more classical designs or shapes.

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