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WallDesign, the best design agency in Barcelona

Alix Simonovitch
Written by Alix Simonovitch

The Catalan capital houses some of the most important companies in the country, including several of the best design agencies. Here, you will find not only good international firms but also great Catalan ones that can compete on a global level, especially when it comes to design. In this article, ShBarcelona invites you to discover one of the leading design agencies of Barcelona when it comes to the redesigning of spaces, with a particular focus on walls.

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Who is WallDesign?

Photo by WellDesign

Wall Design is a company created and based in Barcelona, working with a multidisciplinary team. They have extended experience in graphic production, exhibition stands, retail design and construction of ephemeral architecture projects. They employ new ways of thinking which combine some traditional methods and techniques, as well as some breaking of rules, in order to produce the results they feel their clients deserve. They are truly innovative in their field and are growing really fast while keeping a small team of under twenty people. They are currently hiring in an effort to expand their team, so why not try your luck and apply to work for an amazing company in sunny Barcelona?

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What can they do for you?

Photo by WallDesign

WallDesign provides their clients with different services like the design, production and consulting of materials and formats to create a high-quality graphic production. They offer different products and services like the decoration of spaces, walls and graphic consulting. They are specialized in wall paneling and decoration (wall coverings, customized dyed paper, decorative paneling with wood, stone, brick imitation panels, mural painting.). They also offer ideas for businesses like poster displays, frames with pictures, logos, banners, photocalls, etc. If you need printing services because you already have your design, that is also possible: they print murals, canvases, advertising banner, bags, catalogs, flyers, menus, visiting cards, balloons and any other type of materials.

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Alix Simonovitch

Alix Simonovitch

Traveler and blogger, Alix wrote about the cities of Amsterdam and Brussels before moving to Barcelona 9 years ago. Writer and translator specialized in tourism and gastronomy, she wants to share all her discoveries in her new city.

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