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Collserola Park – A Hidden Gem in Barcelona

view from Collserola Park Barcelona
Written by James

When staying in Barcelona for any length of time, there is one location that very few tourists choose to spend time at. Collserola Park is in fact a hidden gem and certainly one that the locals would almost prefer keep to themselves.

So today, ShBarcelona will fill you in on some of the specifics on Collserola Park. Will you visit the park next time you are in Barcelona?

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Discover the beauty of Collserola Park

Whilst staying in an apartment near the beach, we would also recommend that you take time out one evening to stroll through what is one of the most beautiful spots in the entire Catalonia region. Certainly after a hectic day enjoying all that the city has to offer this park provides you with the perfect place to unwind.

one of the peaks in Collserola Park Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

The park itself is located on the mountain of the same name and is located in the city’s metropolitan area. It is a massive park that the locals feel privileged to have. Collserola Park covers more than 8,000 acres and provides the right sort of environment that children and adults alike can enjoy.

The park is made up primarily of plants and forest, which provide such a diverse environment. Although it is wonderful to visit during the day most people enjoy what it has on offer in evenings, either on foot or on bike.

For anyone spending any time in Barcelona then no trip is complete without a visit to this wonderful area at least once.

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Along with being able to stroll or ride around the park, you also have the opportunity to relax in its meeting area. It is the perfect place to go, should you decide to take time out during the day to visit, as it provides a suitable location to have a picnic.

The park has been managed since 1987, which helps to ensure that everything you see and enjoy in this park is protected, because all activity within its boundaries is being monitored.

dark orange sun sets

Photo via Pixabay

Whilst visiting Collserola Park, you have the opportunity to learn more about the city’s history, as there are several prehistoric and medieval buildings to enjoy, including a castle, chapel, church and farms.

Although a visit during the day is a great idea, we highly recommend you visit the park at night, when you will be provided with some amazing views over the city. The best places within Collserola Park to enjoy such views are at Rabassada, Montbau, Torre Baró, Cors, Cerdanyola or Font Groga.

A quick visit to the park’s website will provide you with further information about the various recreational areas, information and education centers within Collserola Park.

Have you visited Collserola Park yet? What did you enjoy most?

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.


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