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Get in touch with your Irish side

Written by Joe Thurston

Do you happen to be an Irish expat who loves Barcelona but also misses home? Or maybe you are just one of the many fans of the Irish culture who wants to actually feel like an Irish person. Whatever the case may be, Barcelona has got you covered. Here is how you can get in touch with your Irish side.

Irish Pubs

Photo by Kacper Gunia via VisualHunt

Photo by Kacper Gunia via VisualHunt

The quickest and easiest way to get your fix of the Emerald Isle whilst in Barcelona is to head down to one of the many Irish pubs that can be found all over the city. Some are merely called ‘Irish Pubs’ but there isn’t anything particularly Irish about them, apart from a picture of a four leaf clover stuck in the window, but others are the real deal. The George Payne Irish Bar and moreover, Flaherty’s on Carrer de Josep Pijoan, are by far the best two Irish pubs in the city. The owners are Irish expats themselves, and the bars serve all of the favorites, from beers and Guinness to Magners and Irish whiskey. The two pubs are fairly touristy, but a lot of the visitors are Irish/British themselves. The staff are so friendly, it’s easy to feel like your local tavern down in Galway.

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Spain is religiously devoted to football, but rugby is also quite a big thing in Catalonia. Rugby matches are often held at the Olympic Stadium and Camp Nou. These are excellent events for you and your Irish pals to go get a taste of home. Not only this, but the aforementioned pub of Flaherty’s not only shows the 6 nations every year on its pub screens, but also shows some Gaelic Games. Granted it isn’t often, but hurling has been known to grace the screens there! Some of the pubs even have sports teams too, so you can participate in an Irish Expat team.

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Paddy’s Day

Photo via Pixabay

The 17th March, or St Patrick’s Day, is famous all over the world, and Barcelona is no exception. There are street parties and special club nights where, of course, the theme is ‘to dress in green and get as drunk off Guinness as humanly possible!’ The party goes long into the early hours of the morning and it is fantastic for anyone of any nationality to feel Irish whilst in Barcelona.

It’s hard to be an expat or a visitor sometimes, feeling the only piece of Ireland in this city is in your own flat, but there are other opportunities out there to get a taste of the homeland. Failing these ideas, the website MeetUp is ideal to meet people of the same taste in activities as you, and organize a get-together.

About the author

Joe Thurston

Joe is a professional actor/writer from England who has made Barcelona his home.

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