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Leisure and Culture

Catalonia’s Most Beautiful Places

Written by Emily Elwes

Catalonia as a region has some amazing architecture, natural wonders and beautiful places in which to enjoy Catalan culture, Mediterranean life and nature. There are many more beautiful places in Catalonia than can be listed in the short article and so it will focus on a couple from each category that are absolute must see for tourists in the area. When considering accommodations in Barcelona find something that is central to be able to see all of these wonderful spots.

Montserrat Abbey

hd-montanacatalunya1mont4-52Probably the most significant spiritual enclave to the Catalan culture in all of Catalonia is the Montserrat Abbey. Not only is it spiritually significant to the people of Catalonia but it is a magnificent tribute to the strength of spirituality through the ages. Even before Christianity erected buildings on the site as early as the ninth century, other temples erected by the Romans to worship of Venus was located at this pivotal junction between the Barcelona lowlands and Saint Jeroni, Montserrat’s highest point. From the top of this high point, almost all of Catalonia is visible and even the island of Mallorca can be seen on a clear day. Visit the Abbey then hike up the mountain through an amazing footpath to an even greater beautiful vista of Catalonia.

Antoni Gaudi

003Instead of just listing Les Sagrada Familia, the most famous of Gaudi’s architectural works instead consider all have his works in their entirety. Make a day of visiting his cherished architectural treasures in and around Barcelona to truly appreciate the artwork of one of the most recognized architectural geniuses in the world. One of the best outdoor parks in Barcelona developed by Gaudi is Park Guell, an amazing outdoor space that can simply leave you breathless, all within the confines of the city of Barcelona. Finca Guell, another fine example of Gaudi’s unusual but brilliant use of alternative materials enchant visitors who look upon the wrought iron dragons.

The Mediterranean Sea

Most visitors and tourists forget that Barcelona is perched like a jewel upon the Mediterranean Sea. It is this magnificent body of water that has spawned empires, wars and mass migrations throughout human history. Take a day or two and visit at least one large public beach and to smaller private or secluded beaches along the coastline of Catalonia. Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona is a great place to start not only to people-watch but to enjoy a day at the beach on possibly the most influential body of water throughout human history. Then take a day and venture out along the Costa Brava, visiting small towns and beaches to truly appreciate how the water affects the life of the locals. Accommodations Barcelona will be a great jumping off point for visiting many of the beautiful places in Catalonia as it is fairly central to them all. Enjoy all three great aspects of Catalonia culture from great architectural designs, amazing historical monuments and buildings and nature’s beautiful landscape.

If you have other suggestions of Catalonia’s beautiful places please provide them so others can visit the best parts of this great region.

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