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How to Get to Cadaques From Barcelona

Written by Karen

If you’re in Barcelona for the holidaysa visit to one of the seaside towns along the Costa Brava is an absolute must. There are many places to drop into as you make your way along the coast but one of the true gems is the delightful town of Cadaques.

What makes this place a standout is its steep cobblestone lanes, complete with tiny little bistros and their offerings of freshly caught fish, all the way down your stroll to the glittering Mediterranean

Let’s find out what the best ways of travelling from Barcelona to Cadaques are in today’s article.

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How to get to Cadaques from Barcelona

Cadaques has a cozy and creative feel, not only because renowned Spanish artist Salvador Dalí was once one of the town’s nearby residents, but also because the 60s and 70s saw the town as a hangout for the country’s creative bourgeoisie.

village cadaques and sea

Photo via Pixabay

But unlike other parts of Spain, which are easily accessible from Barcelona using the country’s rail system, Cadaques can be a little trickier to access.

Check out these options for some of the best ways to get to Cadaques from Barcelona.

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By car

If you’re comfortable with driving, then one of the easiest ways to get to Cadaques from Barcelona is with your own set of wheels.

road in spain

Photo via Pixabay

The trip takes around 2.5 hours but you may like to stretch your travel time (as well as your legs) by stopping at some of the other picturesque towns along the Costa Brava, such as Empúries.

You can hire cars easily in Barcelona from companies such as Europcar and

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By bus

Another option is to head to Barcelona’s North bus station and catch the bus. The travel time is around three hours, including stops at other towns along the way such as Roses and Port de Selva.


Photo via Pixabay

There are several companies offering the ride to Cadaques, with the price around 25 Euros depending on the operator.

Just remember it’s a steep and windy journey so you may like to reserve a seat closer to the front of the bus if you tend to get a little travel sick.

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By Bla Bla Car

If your preference is by car, but you’re not so keen on doing the driving yourself, then you can check out some of the offers available with operators such as Bla Bla Car.

road in spain

Photo via Pixabay

Bla Bla Car is a service where you pay for a seat in the car of someone already making the journey to your destination. Be sure to check out the reviews of the driver by other passengers before you reserve your spot.

Prices from Barcelona to Cadaques tend to range from 10 to 15 Euros.

Have you already visited Cadaques?
Tell us about your means of transport and your advice!

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Karen is a writer with a love for music, travel and vermouth on Sundays, who lives and works in Barcelona.

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