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Best Vermut Places in Barcelona

vermouth and tapas on bar
Written by Gabriela

If you have been living in Barcelona for a while now, you have probably overheard somebody talking about going to “hacer el vermut“, which basically means to go out and drink vermouth.

For many expats, this herb-infused wine is only associated with cocktails such as the Manhattan, but drinking it on its own has never fallen completely out of favor in the old continent. In fact, the process involved in making vermouth dates back more than a thousand years.

In Barcelona, it is typically paired with potato chips, olives, and mussels marinated in vinegar to whet your appetite before lunch.

Today, ShBarcelona fills you in on more details on where to have vermouth.

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Where to have the best vermouth


glass of aperiol spritz

Photo via Pixabay

Located in the heart of Poblenou, a couple of blocks away from the rambla, is Balius, a self-described “gastrococteleria” which is located in an old hardware store.

Seemingly outfitted with decor which pays homage to the 1970s, this place whips up a mean Aperol Spritz — albeit a bit on the pricey side.

The best time to go is during mid-day when you can share a platter of assorted snacks.  

Bodega 1900

While we are on the topic of places that are not so budget-friendly, Bodega 1900 in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni deserves a mention for several reasons.

Chief among them being that it is the brainchild of Albert Adrià who has set out to revive the glory days and the glamour of the traditional vermuteria with a menu that serves up a modern twist on tried and true favorites like patatas bravas.

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Bar Chiqui

fancy tapas to go with vermouth

Photo via Pixabay

Let’s move on to some more down-home places de toda la vida as they say in Spanish. When you’re at Bar Chiqui, you can tell that their customers are regulars that will continue showing up long after the vermouth boom loses steam.

It’s the quintessential vermuteria whose seafood combo plates give you a good bang for your buck, or as they say in Spanish “están muy bien calidad-precio“.

Bar Chiqui is also located in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni in the district of Eixample.

Vermuteria del Tano

If you like to be right in the mix of things, Vermuteria del Tano in the district of Gracia is your spot.

As well as having a great atmosphere of people from all walks of life, it has all the accouterments of an authentic vermouth place — antique ice box chest refrigerator included.

*Main photo by Vitelone via Visualhunt

What is your favourite place for having a vermouth with friends?

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Gabriela has moved to Barcelona to teach English. She fell in love with the city straight away.

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