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International cuisine

Best Fondue Restaurants in Barcelona

Written by Daniella

French cuisine offers one of the most evolved and tasty cuisines in the world. The chefs, and haute cuisine in general, continue to put French gastronomy and its wide variety and sense of innovation and exquisiteness in a good spotlight. One of the things most known to the public about French cuisine is the famous fondue, which can be a cheese, meat or chocolate fondue. Like all dishes, this delicacy requires good execution, excellent ingredients and a cozy atmosphere to enjoy it fully. That’s why today, ShBarcelona will tell you all about where to have the best fondue in the city of Barcelona.

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Delicious fondues in Barcelona

Photo via Visualhunt

Fondue is actually a typical Swiss dish, which comes from the mountainous areas of the Alps at the French-Swiss-Italian border. The initial fondue was the one made with cheese, although later came the meat and chocolate fondue, which are both equally delicious. Fondue consists of submerging various types of food, which are usually bread, fruit or meat, by means of a stick inside a pot, called a caquelon or fondue, which keeps the cheese melted (in case of a cheese fondue), the oil hot (in case of a meat fondue) or the chocolate melted (in case of a chocolate fondue). Normally a cheese fondue is accompanied by cubes of bread, for the oil you get pieces of meat and with the chocolate you have different kinds of fruit cut into tasty bites. In order to keep the products hot and melted, which is essential to enjoy the dish, the caquelon is placed on top of a table stove, that always keeps the product at the right temperature and the best texture. It is believed that the origin of cheese fondue, the most common and primitive one, was in the beginning prepared by the shepherds and farmers in the mountains. They used old and hard cheese to feed themselves, along with the bread. By heating it, it was possible to eat the cheese better and, moreover, it was more useful to withstand the low temperatures which they had to deal with. Cheese fondue is usually made with a mixture of cheeses, like Gruyere, Comté, Emmental and Tomme de Savoie cheese, but depending on the region, the types of cheeses in a fondue may vary. A flavored white wine is also added to complete the recipe.

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Photo via Visualhunt

There are several fondue restaurants in Barcelona, ​​but not all of them are good, so we have selected a few restaurants by comparing the reviews of customers, who have tried their dishes. This led us to the best three restaurants for your fondue evening. The first one is the Basilea restaurant, which is of Swiss origin, founded in 2002 and specializing in fondues and raclette of Swiss cheeses. It is located in San Antoni María Claret, 211. The second best valued restaurant is La Cua Curta, a restaurant where you can find all kinds of dishes and, of course, delicious fondues. It is located in Carrer La Carassa, without house number. And the third one is restaurant La Carassa, on Calle Brosolí, 1, which has the same rating as La Cua Curta. Now that these fondue restaurants have earned the best reviews, it’s all up to you to try them, and tell us what you think.

*Photo by valaiswallis via Visualhunt

Which restaurant do you recommend for a fondue in Barcelona?

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