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Discover Barcelona’s Night of the Museums

Written by Daniella

Museums are one of the most visited cultural buildings all over the world. There are museums of all kinds, disciplines and tastes, some are a bit more expensive and others are free, some are controversial and others are famous. Museums enrich us personally, they form a stimulating and always fascinating activity. There are many museums in Barcelona, some of them are being visited by thousands of people annually. There is one night a year when culture flourishes in Barcelona: ​​the Night of the Museums. This is when you can visit a series of museums in the Catalan capital, outside its usual opening hours. Today ShBarcelona tells you more about the Night of the Museums.

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Enjoy a special night when visiting museums in Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

From 9:00 pm to 1:00 am early in the morning on 18 May 2019, you can visit a number of museums in Barcelona. But there are more surprises, also during visiting hours. It is about the celebration of culture, to bring exhibitions of art and history closer to those who do not usually visit the museum. Therefore, the activities are not limited to just visiting the museum, there is much more. Shows, concerts, workshops, guided tours… all of this during this one night, in order to learn, have fun and see museums through different eyes. All these special activities are designed for all audiences, as both adults and children can enjoy them, and all will be enriched with new knowledge. This special day is organized for the International Day of Museums, and more than 4000 European museums also open their doors at night on this unique day. You can always go out to a club, but now you have the opportunity to exchange your reggaeton and gin tonic, for a painting from the fifteenth century or the ruins of the Romans who populated Barcino centuries ago. You will discover more about life at that time, and you will see that in some ways, they were far more modern than you.

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Photo via Pixabay

The event is organized for the fourth consecutive year, as a consequence from the various plans that the Fábricas de Creación and 11 museums in the city have drawn up. All this has resulted in the collection and work, that has been carried out to create original works of art, which provide a different vision when it comes to understanding and enjoying the collections and material available to each museum. Another appealing fact of this day, is that the entrance to the museums is completely free. This is something that will encourage many people to visit the centers that have joined this initiative. It is a new way to discover a museum that will probably disrupt your routine, and that can turn into a fun way to spend the evening, after having dinner in one of the delicious restaurants in the Catalan capital. You can find all the information about the museums that join this event, the activities that will take place in each center and any other information on the website: La Noche de los Museos 2019. You will definitely have fun and learn a few new things, and that is why the team from ShBarcelona recommends taking part in this original, cultural event.

Have you ever visited the museums of Barcelona at night? Do you have any advice?

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