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Cheat-Sheet to Free Museums

Cheat-Sheet to Free Museums
Written by Olivia

MUSEUMS muhbaRaise your hand up high if you have actually ever been to the major museums in the city? If you raised your hand, I applaud and commend you. I, however, have been living here for eight months and have yet to go to the Picasso Museum. Tsk, tsk, shame on me, etc.

The two main reasons I have been avoiding seeing the major museums is because one, I am poor, and these museums can be pricey, and two, I hate long lines and am particularly impatient, especially because I am now a local and not a tourist of this bustling city.

However, the world does not function that way, and so it left me with no other choice than to create my own solution. Here you will find a list of seven of the best museums in Barcelona, where they are located, and when/how to get in for free!

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Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is home to Catalan art from the 12th to the 20th centuries, including photography, graffiti, and the highlight, the Romanesque collection.

Located in the Montjuic Park, the easiest way to access this museum is by taking the red line or blue line (L1 or L3) to Espanya.

Free admission hours: Every Saturday from 3pm, and on the first Sunday of every month. Also on: 11 and 24 of September and 18 of May (National Museum Day). 

Picasso Museum 

This legendary artist’s work is on display in this renowned museum, planted deep within the lovely narrow streets of El Born, in Montcada, 15-23. It is most easily accessible by taking the metro to Jaume I (L4). The free access to this museum applies to the permanent exhibition only, the temporary exhibitions you must pay for.

Free admission hours: every Sunday from 3 to 7pm, the first Sunday of every month all day, as well as 12 February, 18 May and 24 September.

CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona)

museums cccb Located deep within the bohemian and wonderful neighborhood of El Raval, at Carrer Montalegre 5, you will find the cultural center of Barcelona. This museum is an interesting gem within Spain because of the modernistic glass-paneled cultural center built alongside an old monastery built in the 1800s. The closest metro is Universitat (l4).

Free admission hours: every Sunday from 3 until 8pm!


Plaza del Rei is where this incredibly unique and interesting museum is located, with easy access by taking the Jaume I metro to get there, right in El Gotico.

There is an underground labyrinth by entering a 15th-century merchants house, ancient Roman excavations, and a 15th-century chapel!

Free admission hours: every Sunday from 3pm and the first Sunday of every month all day, and the 12 February, 24 September and 18 May.

Museu d’Història de Catalunya

Right next to the water in the middle of the Barceloneta, you will find one of the most enriching museums in Barcelona, if not Catalonia. It is just feet from the Barceloneta metro, L4, and has some prime real estate looking over the water and the port of Barcelona. There are two floors of this museum, and each room is packed with information and history. This is seriously not a museum to miss out on, and might even be worth it to pay the 4,50 euros (schedule here)

Free admission hours: only the first Sunday of every month and 12 February, 23 April, 18 May, and the 11 and 24 of September.

Jardi Botanic

MUSEUMSThis immaculate botanical garden was initially created in preparation for the 1992 Olympic games that took place here inBarcelona. On Calle Doctor Font

On Calle Doctor Font i Quer, this amphitheater-shaped garden is in the heart of Monjtuic where you can find all things Olympian-related. Not only can you see wonderful views of the Olympic stadium from this garden, you can also see great metropolitan views of the whole city from here.

Free admission hours: every Sunday from 3pm and the first Sunday of every month all day, as well as the following dates: 12 Feb, 18 May and 24 Sep.

Museu Maritim

Technically located in El Raval, this museum is essentially an indoor shipyard (drassanes in Catalan), complete with incredible arches, old wooden ships, a full-scale replica of a 16th-century ship, and even a wonderful cafe with a terrace.

museums maritimYou can get to this museum, located on Av. de les Drassanes s/n, by taking the L3 to the Drassanes stop.

Free admission hours: every Sunday from 3 until close, and on the 18 of May and September 24th.

The only solution I have found to eliminate the disheartening process of line waiting is waking up early and beating the crowd (sorry night owls, yay early birds!).

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Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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