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50 shades of Barcelona by night

Follow The Footprint Of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”
Written by Kerry

It takes a certain amount of skill in order to get the appropriate night photography, a few basic steps aids in obtaining the right angle.  You don’t need tons of equipment to capture the night life without the blurs; below I will describe a few simple tips in order to capture the beautiful architecture of Barcelona at night.

The internet and guide books serve as a confusing guide as the right angle in order to capture night photography.  There are hundreds of expert photographers able to adjust even the smallest detail blindfolded.  If you are starting out, or have never ventured into night photographer, then do not try to follow all the guides at once.  Narrow it down to your knowledge of photography and the ability of your camera, these are the key basic skills required in order to obtain the optimal illusion.

Follow The Footprint Of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”

Try controlling the aperture settings and the exposure time. The aperture is the size of the lens opening and the shutter speed controls the length of period that the shutter remains open. A small aperture needs a longer exposure time i.e. the slower shutter speed because it takes a longer period of time for the light to reach the sensor. The large aperture allows most light and needs a shorter exposure time i.e. it has a faster shutter speed camera, these are the key basic skills required in order to obtain the optimal illusion.

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La Perdrera at NightDepending on the type of camera you use, some do have difficulty focusing in low-light conditions.  If this is the case, then switch the lens to manual and focus on the lights.  If there is a distance then focus the lens to infinity.

Timing is key, the blue hour which is before and a little after sunrise/sunset is ideal for low-light photography.  Choose your photography locations beforehand in order to save you the time of adjusting your camera when you want to take the photos. Allow time in case the area you are going to take photos has many photography enthusiasts.

This may seem as many things to consider when taking night photos, but as they say, practice makes perfect and by knowing your camera abilities you can adjust it to take optimal photos when taking photos of Barcelona at night.

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Kerry is a journalism student and a blogger living in Barcelona.

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