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Barcelona Beer festival

Written by Samuel

A couple of weeks ago the fifth edition of the Barcelona Beer festival took place. Spread over three days the festival brings craft beer into the spotlight in Barcelona. Entry into the festival is relatively cheap and for €7, you get your glass, a booklet and two drink coins. These coins are used as currency in the festival and drinks can only be bought using these coins which can be purchased at various points dotted around the venue. Not all beers cost the same but the most expensive are no more than a few coins.

More beers than you will have time to try

boardThe main bar has around sixty taps in which 300 beers rotate during the festival. This means that if they suddenly stop serving your favourite beer don’t despair, it’s sure to be back soon enough. The booklet you are given when you enter the festival has a description of all the beers they offer and trust me, with so many beers on offer you will need some help deciding which one to choose! If you lose your booklet don’t worry, all the beers on offer are written up on a large board above the main bar.

Enjoy some music

The festival also has another section for those who want to listen to some music, allowing visitors to sit on comfy sofas and listen to live music from local DJ’s. This relaxing way to enjoy your craft beers is in keeping with the festival’s laid back approach to drinking.

Learn more about the raw ingredients

pumpsThe festival organisers have, for the last three years, offered visitors the chance to buy a different kind of beer.  The unique offer includes 4 separate bottles of beer of which each have an increased amount of one of the four basic raw materials needed to brew beer (water, malt, hop and yeast). The result is 4 different beers each highlighting one ingredient over the others allowing the beer enthusiast to appreciate what each ingredient brings to the table. This intriguing beer pack is like nothing you will find in supermarkets.

This brilliant beer festival only comes to Barcelona once a year at the beginning of March, which means you will have to wait a while before you get a chance to see the place for yourself. The festival has only been going for 5 years but this year, it enjoyed the biggest turnout by far. With the festival fast becoming a central component the thriving craft beer scene in Barcelona, in the years to come, it is sure to become even more popular.

About the author


Samuel Purnell is a journalism student living in Barcelona.

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