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The most anticipated albums of 2013

Written by Adriana

At the start of this new year there are the rankings of best-selling albums of 2012, lists of the hottest hits on TV, radio or on the Internet and many other classifications to determine which music and artists are listened the most in the previous year. But, what about the music that is coming? ShBarcelona invites you to discover it while enjoying one of our rental apartments in Barcelona. The list includes future albums from worldwide recognized artists with an extensive musical career … let’s discover them all!

First we have the bizarre Lady Gaga, who will release her third LP “Artpop” on a uncertain date. We have not many details yet but we already know that, probably, Gaga will perform this album first single at the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama on January the 21th. Within the same musical genre, the gorgeous singer and mom Beyoncé will also release a new album. She has been working with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and Dream, among others, to “recover the R & B sound of the 90’s”. After a short break to dedicate to her daughter and her husband, Beyoncé will also release a new album with her former band, Destiny’s Child. In fact, you already can listen to their new great song “Nuclear”. Other big divas as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Cher will release an album too during the 2013, all of them after empty musical periods.

Changing to another musical genre, the British band Depeche Mode announced, a few months ago, the release of a new LP this next summer, preceded by an European tour that will pass through Spain on July the 11th (Bilbao BBK Live). Talking about consolidated artists, David Bowie will release his 23rd studio album (!) in March after showing us some of it on the music video “Where Are We Now”. Much younger but no less prolific, Arcade Fire members announced through their Twitter account that they were preparing a new album for 2013.

If you love rock music there will be something for you too this 2013. Legendary heavy metal band AC/DC have brought forward the release of their album, as have done Black Sabbath with their album “13”. And Ozzy Osbourne will be the vocalist on it again after 35 years! Deep Purple have already been fixed a date for the release of their new album, still untitled, and will be on April the 26th, with songs like “Out of Hands” or “Uncommon Man”.

It’s worth to mention the rehabilitated rapper Eminem, who has revealed his new album release through a baseball cap that has been on sale in its official online store. If you prefer Spanish or Latin music, Shakira has announced that, in addition to being mother this year, she will also “give birth” to a very anticipated album.

Don’t lose sight of all of these music stars and be up-to-date!

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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