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Barcelona, an antibullfighting city

Written by Adriana

This year is the 10th anniversary since Barcelona was  declared antibullfighting city by the City Council with the positive votes of almost every party at that moment. This declaration hadn’t any real consequences at the time. In 2007 more than 5,000 people march in Barcelona against bullfighting in which was the biggest antibullfighting march in history. This led to a debate in the Catalan Parliament two years later to ban bullfighting permanently in Barcelona. In 2010 they made a law that dictated that from January the 1st 2012 would no longer be bullfights in Barcelona.

1316879409_extras_ladillos_1_0The decision is still very controversial years later; bullfighting fans and opposing to the abolition of this tradition in Barcelona opposition are legally battling today to overturn the ban. Despite of the defenders of bullfighting, after Barcelona, a lot of Catalan towns were declared antibullfighting cities in later years.

The ban meant the cessation of many economic activities of companies that have filed numerous requests asking for a compensation as theya re directly affected by the law and they have also begun a debate that goes beyond the political aspects and drift towards nationalism. Many of those who attack the anti-bullfighting movement say that is an anti-Spanish and Catalan independence movement as well, without paying attention to animal abuse behind all the cause. Opponents of this law argue that many local celebrations of towns and cities in Spain including, in some way, the bull,  such as “embolao bull”, which consists in setting alight the animal horns, has to be banned as well. According to them, all these practices should also be prohibited to be consistent with the law, and they are not.

1316979425_extras_albumes_01There aren’t “corridas” anymore at the Plaza Monumental, the main bullring in Barcelona, since January the 1st 2012, closing the cycle with a José Tomás “faena”, while outside the “plaza” many gathered to complain once again and for the last time. Currently this building is used for music concerts and other events that require big venues.

From ShBarcelona we encourage you to hear both sides of the controversy and have yourselves your own opinion which could fluctuate between respecting traditions and respect the life of an animal bred to has a tragic fate in front thousands of spectators.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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