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Barcelona 2015: Best MBA Programs

Written by Enrique

In terms of MBA programs, Barcelona hands down takes the prize. The entire city is filled with institutions that provide students with the best of both worlds. Top rated programs and beautiful beaches make Barcelona by far the best place to receive solid degrees from award winning programs.

5 month

Not So Shabby

Students that join these MBA programs truly know on which side the grass is greener. As an education enthusiast this city guarantees you a pleasure and educational filled stance. The average time in which is a student graduates is approximately two years. Students undergo a rigid yet highly intellectually lenient. The integrity of these programs have truly set new standards for Masters programs all around the world.

GradHere in Barcelona most of the programs offered are through institutions that are amongst the top 50 Schools for Business in the world. Let’s see, if I can do some math correctly, one of the greatest cities, plus a highly career promising degree, equals win. Though during the last few years Spain has had to deal with a little bit of an economic crisis, IESE is currently ranked seventh in the world by the FT, and ESADE is ranked, 22nd. IESE Business School’s two year program proudly holds a 95 percent employment rate three months after graduation. These two institutions hold incredibly strong programs that have helped individuals open doors that at one point may have seem to be rather unreachable.

Work Hard Play Hard

The great stuff doesn’t quite end yet. Barcelona offers one of the most lucrative cultures. With every corner you are bound to experience something new. It could be a rare authentic dish, FCB scoring a goal against its friendly adversary, or even a peek from the outside of some of the most breathtaking architecture. This city truly has it all.

The recreational aspect of this city can honestly accommodate anyone. After a long day in class, a good glass of wine or perhaps a deliciously crafted beer can sooth the mind.  If you did not get a chance to grab a bite while in school, don’t worry, an after class delight can easily be delivered. Barcelona hosts thousands of options that are readily available. It can easily be said that Barcelona is a destination where experience and opportunity is easily accessible. Not only the facts hold and are able to support the claims that hold a beautiful city with awesome program to such high standards.

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