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Puppy love – Animal-assisted therapy

Written by Paula

Animal-Assisted Therapy is a form of treatment that uses animals as part of the healing process. The main goal of ATT is to better the patient’s emotional, cognitive and motivational skills.

The therapy uses various types of domesticated animals for the treatments such as dogs, reptiles, birds, farm animals and even dolphins.

aa1When researching this topic, you may also come upon the acronyms AAE and AAA. These mean Animal Assisted Education and Animal Assisted Activities, which are commonly offered by organizations or centers that offer AAT.

If you are interested in Animal-Assisted Therapy as a form of treatment, you can get in touch with one of the following Barcelona-based organizations:

Dog Nature

Dog Nature is an organization that works towards the physical and mental well-being of all beings by divulging information about animal-assisted therapy in classes, workshops, conferences and direct animal interaction. With a team of physicians, psychologists, educators, biologists, veterinarians, trainers, animal-behavior experts and certified IAA technicians, Dog Nature is fully prepared to offer different sorts of animal-assisted therapy.

The company offers AAA with dogs, horses, reptiles, cats and birds of prey, EAA with horses and dogs, EAAR (animals and robots), and TAA with dogs, horses and birds of prey.

Delta del LLobregat

Delta del LLobregat is a non-profit organization that offers Equine Therapy, Ontological coaching with horses and various types of equestrian activities for blind people.

The organization is located at Autovía Castelldefels (-31) Km. 191 in Prat de Llobregat.

Centre de Teràpies Assistides amb Cans

CTAC offers training for those who wish to learn how to work in this area and animal-assisted therapy sessions for those who need it.

The organization believes that a correct interaction between each person and dog can bring benefit such as and increase in the patient’s self-esteem, improved attention, cognitive stimulation, physical rehabilitation, sensorial stimulation, among others.

aa3CTAC offers programs for various different centers such as special education schools, occupational centers, nursing homes and hospitals.

The organization’s dog team is currently formed by Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, American Cockers, Golden Retrieves, King Charles Cavaliers and a couple of mixed-race dogs.

CATC’s main office can be found in the center of Barcelona, at Sant Quintí nº47.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.


  • Hi, we are thinking about getting a golden retriever/ Labrador, our son has ADHD and I’ve been reading a lot about kids with this issue and the possibility of particularly these breeds aiding, helping with some of the issues he has, also he is an only child here as his big brother lives back in the UK.
    Any advice would be much appreciated
    Many thanks

    • Hi Jacqueline,
      Please contact one of the organisations from the blog article.

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