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An ecological restaurant, supermarket and cafe in Feeld Organic

Written by Adriana

We aren’t tired yet of recommending you some places in the city that allow you to have a healthier life and a balanced diet with quality products, that does not necessarily mean more expensive. This time, we invite you to discover an original place as Feeld Organic, which includes within it a three in one coffee shop, restaurant, and supermarket with organic products (also known as bio).

At this place recently opened in May this year, located in Diagonal between Muntaner and Casanova streets, you will find sweet and salty foods, Saula coffee and natural fresh juices in the cafeteria; fresh fruits and vegetables, macrobiotic products including Japanese products, pasta, legumes, meat, cheeses, fish, hygiene products, pet food, vegetable protein, milk, filtered water from its source to fill your bottle, etc., in the supermarket on the ground floor; and lunch menus accessible to all budgets on the top floor where the restaurant is. It is much more than a place to eat, Organic Feeld represents a philosophy of life including organic, sustainable food, which takes into account the social and local issues, within an increasing awareness about its environment in the big city.

feeld-organic-barcelona-1- feeldorganicbarcelona_2If you want to receive the daily menu and have more information about what they offer before going there, you can subscribe to their Facebook. In the menu, you will find delicious dishes with which custom your own menu from 13 euros, with delicacies like “texturized” soy cannelloni, couscous with vegetables, sardines breaded with sweet ham, salad with citrus and shrimp, green tea cake, algae cake, seasonal fruits, etc. All served in a lightful and comfortable space in line with the Organic Feeld “way of life”.

Besides all this, Feeld Organic creators are also aware of the potential of social networks to publicize their business in a comprehensive way to approach their customers and improve their diet and lifestyle. To do this, they take advantage of Facebook and Twitter to give some advice about food and eating habits, nutrition and healthy recipes on their collabs with other projects that promote this philosophy, etc. If you want to turn around the way you eat or know a place to go and enjoy your healthy lifestyle during working hours and in your shopping cart, ShBarcelona suggests to pay a visit to Feeld Organic.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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