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It’s Almost Summer in Barcelona!

Written by Daniella

Summer is almost here, and that can mean a lot of things. Maybe you are reading this article already having planned to spend a couple of days in Barcelona. Or you live in Barcelona and will not leave the city during the summer… do not worry in any way, because Barcelona has a lot to offer! Whether you are from here, or whether you are from abroad and want to visit Barcelona this summer, this article by ShBarcelona will give you a few tips that will surely be of great help when spending the summer in the Catalan capital.

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Tips for a splendid summer in Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

Barcelona is a relatively large city compared to some other Spanish cities, but then again relatively small compared to some European capitals. It has a very efficient and affordable public transport network, that will allow you to travel throughout the metropolitan area in a very short time. If you visit the city this summer, an ideal option is taking the tourist bus that will show you around the city and drop you off at the most interesting sights, such as Passeig de Gracia with its luxury boutiques and some of Gaudí’s most famous buildings. You can opt for the modernist route with Hospital de Sant Pau and Park Güell, or the one that brings you to the upper part of the city and leads to the emblematic Camp Nou. When you visit Barcelona, ​​you will surely want to relax at one of the beaches of the Ciudad Condal. If you do, take a couple of things into account. First of all, the beaches of Barcelona are usually a little overcrowded, especially the beaches in the most central area of ​​the coast, near Ciutat Vella. If you want to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet, avoid the busiest beaches. Vendors of soft drinks and other snacks can be very loud and they are joined vocally by sellers of sarongs and other souvenirs. Creative services and products at the beach seem to evolve every year.

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Photo via Pixabay

One of the things that we also advise you to do, is to take care of your belongings when you do decide to go to the beach. Do not leave anything valuable on the beach in the centre of the city. If you go to another, more quiet beach at a different location, there is less risk, but you must always be careful with your personal items. If you need a taxi it is good to know that Barcelona currently has two options: the regular taxi service, with its black and yellow cars, and Cabify. The first time you request the Cabify service, you will have to wait 15 minutes, but after that it works normally. Both the regular taxi and Cabify rates are comparable. At this moment Uber does not operate in Barcelona. Our last advice concerns enjoying the Catalan cuisine, which is very varied and of great quality. For an authentic food experience, try to find out where the locals go for their breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can consult platforms like Tripadvisor and El Tenedor to read reviews and to see which restaurant fits your budget and matches your  personal food preferences.

What is your best advice for summer in Barcelona?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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