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Visit Barcelona driving a Sidecar!

Written by Adriana

If you are bored of the usual tourist routes and want to meet Barcelona in a different way, Barcelona Sidecar has the perfect solution for you. This new company has come to Barcelona to show you the emblematic monuments and tourist areas in the city and give you the opportunity to drive a retro style Sidecar. Those who have driven a vehicle like this say that it is a unique experience, and you can choose to go in the passenger seat or guiding the vehicle at the handlebars. Everyone will look at you while driving it! There are several tours to suit your interests and you will always have a guide at your disposal to give you advice and explain the history of Barcelona and other curiosities. Highly recommended by ShBarcelona!

What is Barcelona Sidecar?

We are a small company of two partners who offer different and original routes in a Classic Sidecar for two people with a guide-driver.

How did the idea of creating Sidecar Barcelona came uo from and who is behind this project?

The idea came from wanting to give a different Tourist Service besides the multiple tours already offered in the town on foot. The two partners (a boy and a girl) have less than 35 years, we are passionate about bikes and old cars. We are also happy in this city, where we born and live, are for those who don’t want to go to the mountains to spend the weekend, this tours would be a good way to make a hobby turn into an experience.

What routes do you have at Barcelona Sidecar?

The “Tour Promedio” to see the whole city and the most central districts is a 2 hours tour (called Barcelona Treasures) the price is 120 € and includes pickup service at the hotel or at your apartment. The guide picks up the “tourists” and make an exchange of ideas on the route, listen to their wishes and suggestions, although we have a set itinerary for each route, we always are open to personalize it to suit the passengers. We also have helmets with microphones to communicate and start counting the two hours! Also we are not super strict on the subject of time, the tour always ends up lasting a little longer. Throughout the journey, the guide will explain the sights, lifestyle here, trivia, historical data etc. Monuments and main streets are visited, is an express way to see the city when you have little time.

Who usually hire Sidecar Tours Barcelona?

In this half year of experience, 90 % of tourist services have been to Americans and Europeans, usually middle-aged couples, from 40 onwards, seeking a more exclusive and private service. Although we have also some Catalans from out of Barcelona that choose our service. For now we are not having services to Barcelona locals but we hope we will.

What response or feedback your clients give you?

The truth is that they are happy, they feel they are the kings of the road (laughs). Everyone looks at you, they like to say hello, usually women always want to sit in the sidecar and wave hello.

Do you think Barcelona is an easily city to drive a Sidecar?

Yeah, totally! In addition we have a good engine in the bikes (750cc) to avoid problems in the less flat parts of the city as Montjuïc. When you drive the Sidecar you must take the same care when you go with a car, no more complication.

How has been the experience of being a enterpreneur in Spain and specifically in Barcelona, with the financial crisis?

In terms of financial help we haven’t received any help from the government, all the money we have is our private investment. Barcelona Activa has helped us with the business plan and we have found a good resource to support entrepreneurs.

Any event or future collaboration involving Barcelona Sidecar on that you can tell us something?

By now we have nothing to tell you about but we ‘re working on it … Stay tuned to our website and our social networks!

About the author


Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.


  • Good day we are a family of 15 (10 adults and 5 kids) doing a cruisefrom Barcelona so time is a problem. can you perhaps help us on 24 June for n night trip. 2 kids will be able to manage in one sidecar to make the numbers even

    • Good day Dalene,
      Please contact the company directly for an answer to your question.

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