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Barcelona Hidden Factory – Hidden Restaurants

Barcelona Hidden Factory - Hidden Restaurants
Written by Allison

Barcelona Hidden FactoryThere are many wonderful restaurants to be found throughout Barcelona. However there is none quite like “Hidden Factory”. Known as a hidden restaurant you’ll find this establishment located in the area of the city known as “The Raval”.

For many years this neighbourhood was considered to be somewhat unsavoury but that all changed when home restaurants begun opening up. It has brought a completely new vibe to this part of the city and offers visitors some really amazing Barcelona gastronomy.

All about “Hidden Factory”

The owners of “Hidden Factory” want to offer a more personalised dining experience to their guests as well as bringing their passion for cooking to all. In fact chef Javier Morón and his partner Sergi Salguero are now offering a dining experience like no other in the form of clandestine restaurants.

Each time one appears it is like no other as inspiration for the decor as well as the food that not only local and travellers alike can enjoy depends on where the restaurant is situated. In most restaurants things pretty much remain the same even where michelin chefs Barcelona are employed. However when it comes to dining at a hidden restaurant every day is completely different and so makes the whole experience feel totally magical.

Most of these types of establishments feel more like home restaurants and certainly are the perfect place to dine for food lovers from around the world. Of course if you are looking for somewhere special for entertaining then again such establishments are the perfect place to go.

A visit to Hidden Factory is a must

Of course a visit to Hidden Factory is a must when visiting Barcelona. However if you are staying in the city for any length of time then you might want to learn more about the supper clubs that take place and have become very much part of the hidden restaurant movement in Barcelona now. These supper clubs are run by local hosts from their own homes and such home restaurants allow their hosts to show case the kind of food they enjoy eating and cooking to complete strangers.

Hidden RestaurantsAs already mentioned dining at Javier and Sergi’s establishment is like nothing else you will experience. In order to create a truly amazing dining experience it has taken them a great deal of hard work. The industrial space in which the restaurant is located on Joaquín Costa street in The Raval has been lovely renovated to show off some of its amazing original features such as the vintage hardwood floors. Plus with it being such a large space is able to comfortably host numerous people who come to try out some of the delicious meals that Javier lovely likes to prepare.

But you won’t find this restaurant being advertised in the same way as so many others. The only way most have found out about such an establishment is through word of mouth. So for all you food lovers who are looking for a dining experience like no other then a visit to “Hidden Restaurant” is a must, but please remember to book.

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Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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