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5 soft drinks for summer

Written by Adriana

Summer comes along with the warm weather, the beach, the sun and lots of fun! So this is the perfect situation and moment to give you some advice on how to prepare some juices and smoothies to cool down the temperature so it doesn’t affect your mood and to keep yourself hydrated and always ready to go to enjoy this season. From ShBarcelona we invite you to prepare these drinks at home and enjoy them anywhere, accompanying any meal, anytime.

melon_smoothie_2691Melon Smoothie: to prepare this drink you should peel the melon (250 grams) and remove the seeds from it, cut it and mix it with 300 ml of sparkling water and 2 tablespoons of honey in a blender. It can be served as a summer “soup” as a starting dish or as a dessert decorated with some strawberries or gooseberry.

Lemon, berries and grapefruit juice: put sugar in a shaker with lemon juice and 4 natural berries. Once this is well mixed, add grapefruit juice and plenty of ice, and serve it in a fancy glass.

4a9cc1c163a63f2b9fa8f7a6f3602222Vegetable juice with a stick of celery: to prepare this juice you will need 6 tomatoes, 130 grams of carrots and a tablespoon of lime juice. Wash and peel the tomatoes and carrots, chop it all in the blender and whisk together the lime juice. Serve in glass with a sprig of celery. Tomatoes’ vitamin C and E and carrots’ beta-carotene are very necessary for your body.

a70085a28a7ca5fc131553f2e2291b76Mango with pineapple smoothie: for this smoothie, you need a mango, 2 slices of pineapple, 2 non-fat natural yogurts, a splash of lemon juice, a tablespoon of sugar and ice. Blend the sliced mango and pineapple with other ingredients and serve very cold in a big glass.

combinado-67691Cucumber, strawberries, kiwis and mint juice: chop the ingredients in the quantity that you want, depending on the amount of juice you need, grind it well in a blender and reserve. Squeeze 6 oranges and add the juice to the mixture you have reserved, then add two tablespoons of oil and apple cider vinegar. Stir everything with a spoon and put it in the fridge to take it out just before having the juice.

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