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Your Burg! – Not just another burger joint

Your Burg Barcelona
Written by James

Just imagine what it would be like to eat a burger that is comprised of your favourite toppings. Well, it is possible in Barcelona. There is a place “Your Burg!” located on Londres st. 65 where you can just do this. It is a place where you are the person who designs what there burger looks and tastes like. It is for this reason I have chosen to recommend it for anyone who intends to spend several days in the city.

Your Burg BarcelonaThis restaurant was the dreamt up by a young chef Juanjo Mestre, who states that “Your Burg! Is a dream come true” for him. To ensure that his dream became a reality Mestre made sure to assemble a team who like him would focus on making sure that the orders from the customers were the best and made with love.

Not only do they use the finest quality meat ensuring that it is treated with the respect due, but also they pay very special attention to what accompaniments are provided as well. Unlike other burger establishments at Your Burg! all the food used in the creation of the burgers is of the highest quality. So in the end you are offered a true gourmet delight.

Things are made very simple as the staff are only there to help ensure that your creation is of your own making, using your favourite ingredients. Once chosen then the burger is prepared and served to you. But as this restaurant has become such a hot favourite when staying in Barcelona for any length of time I would highly recommend you book a table. Although there may a few tables available, these are few and far between.

Your Burg BarcelonaThe cost of enjoying one of the sumptuous burgers along with a drink and a starter here is around €15. However they do also serve some delicious desserts along with some speciality cocktails. Plus what I love about this place is that they serve wine by the glass so if you don’t want a bottle of wine you don’t have to. One real big advantage to this restaurant is of course you decide just what your burger is made up of dependent of course on the time of year when you visit.

So the first thing I would recommend you do before you come to Barcelona is to make sure you make a note of the restaurants telephone number or website address in your smartphone or tablet.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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