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Discover Tribu Woki Barcelona

Written by Michael

The fast-food progeny of one of the best organic food shops and restaurants in Barcelona is Woki. There is more than one location, but Woki Playa has the best menu they can offer, combined with an amazing view you will have the time of your life, together with friends or family. Today, ShBarcelona will tell you all about Tribu Woki in Barcelona.

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Woki Playa

Photo via Pixabay

This is a welcome addition to a stretch of restaurants that mainly serve fish and seafood, but also burgers and some good cocktails. You can get an organic vegan or vegetarian stir-fry made from good quality ingredients, before, during or after a stint on Barcelona’s lengthy coast. You can even drop in after a few mojitos at one of the beach side chiringuitos, as it generously stays open until 11.30 during the week and 1am at the weekends. Woki Playa is neither vegan nor vegetarian, but most of the ingredient they use are wonderfully organic. If you go to one of their other location, Woki Organic Market at Plaça Catalunya, you can either take your meal away or wolf it down at one of the large pine tables and benches. You can even head back to the beach and have a little picknick there, whilst looking at the amazing sunset.

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Tribu Woki and Woki Organic Markets

Photo via Pixabay

Tribu Woki can not only be found at the beach in Barceloneta or at Plaça Catalunya, there are many more restaurants to discover, like Barraca or Hetta Cuisine. Even if you’re going on a trip outside of the Ciudad Condal, you might find an interesting restaurant to spend a few hours, sipping at your favorite cava and enjoying the details in the interior or gazing away at the relaxing view. And besides restaurants with amazing food, you can also visit their organic markets where you can buy all your organic ingredients to prepare your own lovely and healthy meals at home.

Before you leave your (holiday) apartment for a good lunch or an excellent evening at the Tribu Woki restaurants, always check the opening times, locations and if you need to make reservations for your lunch or diner. Once you have seen the menu, you will want to order right away and not hear from their professional staff that they are fully booked.

Have you enjoyed the food at one of Tribu Woki’s restaurants?

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Michael is a vegetarian, dog-loving, kindle-clutching, sunshine-seeking, adventure-obsessed, responsibility-dodging gypsy who has spent much of the last five years exploring Spain and parts of Europe.

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