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Foodies Heaven: barcelona wine bar & brunch

Written by James

If you are a foodie then you know that great food starts with great passion. The owner, chef and staff of any great restaurant need a singular focus, drive and passion in order to succeed and bring great food to the table on a consistent basis. Spanish food is world renowned and has featured its restaurants in the top 50 in the world for several years. This may have been the inspiration for Barcelona’s wine bar brunch that has been sweeping Massachusetts and Connecticut, basing their styles off northeastern Spanish cuisine from the great city of Barcelona. After visiting the Barcelona restaurant on the East Coast of the US ensure a proper vacation rental in Barcelona to sample the great foods origin.

Spanish Food

wine brunchIn the restaurant industry, the top of the food chain is judged by an international organization that gives out awards for the “World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards” that has quickly grown is the most prestigious event in the industry in as little as 10 years. As the movies have the famous Oscars as their pinnacle of achievement the restaurant industry has the accolade of being published in the top 50 list in what started out as a feature in the UK’s restaurant magazine. In this list three great Spanish restaurants feature in the top 10 in the number one restaurant in the world also went to Spanish restaurant. Yet much before this event and awards system was developed the American restaurant Barcelona was developed in making waves of its own in the US’s northeast coast.

Barcelona Restaurant

The Barcelona restaurant and wine bar was opened in 1995 by two enterprising restaurant professionals, Sasa Mahr-Batuz, once professional tennis player that lived in Barcelona and throughout much of Spain and Portugal, and based the concept of his American restaurant on such experiences. Barcelona is a Spanish tapas restaurant with an amazing wine list that rivals any restaurant. the restaurant concept was made to feel like an evening on the Ramblas, with uncompromising quality, sophisticated décor, and simple flavor filled dishes with tastes of olive oil, lemon and smoky paprika. in order to try the true Barcelona tradition such as a wine bar brunch in Barcelona try out a few links below.

Wine Bar Brunch in Barcelona

wine brunchOne of the most popular activities in Spain in Barcelona is to enjoy a mid-afternoon meal paired with some great tasting wines. This can usually be accomplished at a wine bar that can provide an amazing array of local and international wines paired with some of the best tapas available in Spain. Ensure your experience is a great one by choosing a famous wine bar with a view that also includes traditional Spanish cuisine to truly enjoy the flavor and tradition of the great city of Barcelona. Instead of a hotel brunch, search out a great local wine bar for truly local flavor.

The saying when in Rome can often fit when you are in Barcelona. Enjoy what the locals do and have done for decades by enjoying an afternoon meal with great wine from the local region. Enjoying a Barcelona wine bar brunch with a quick walk back to your apartment rental can be one of the most enjoying activities for a foodie, one that has been exported many times across the ocean such as the Barcelona Restaurant.

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