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Where to watch movies in English in Barcelona

Written by Michael

Sometimes, even though you are in Barcelona – one of the most beautiful cities in the world – you just need to go see a movie. Especially when it’s either raining, or it is violently hot during summer and the cinemas offer such darn good air conditioning. Luckily, because the city of Barcelona is not only the most beautiful city in the world, but is also deliciously cosmopolitan) there are a number of cinemas where you can go and watch the latest releases in their original language. Namely, English. Today at ShBarcelona, we tell you where to find movie theaters in Barcelona that play movies in English.

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Photo via La Rambla Barcelona

The first cinema we recommend is called Icaria-Cinema Cineplex, located at Port Olimpic in Barcelona. This is a large multi-cinema complex close to the beach showing blockbusters in the original version with Spanish subtitles. Expect 3d, popcorn, large cups of Coke, and lots of choices. Cines Renoir is part of a chain of independent cinemas showing some mainstream and international cinema. After that is Cines Verdi, located in central Gracia. Verdi is a small charming cinema that shows a great range of current non-Blockbuster-y delights.

Cinemes Méliès is another cute theater that offers English-language films for viewers shown in their original version. After hearing dubbed-over films for a while, this can be a nice change. Filmoteca de Catalunya offers a range of foreign and arthouse films – both new releases and old films are shown. Lastly is Multicine Balmes, a brand new multiscreen cinema showing a range of films although mostly mainstream blockbusters.

Photo via VisualHunt

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Films that are shown in their original language in Spain are called ‘version original’ although you will often just see V.O. or V.O.S.E. Look for movies with this category to make sure the movie is indeed in English. As you can see, there are a number of cinemas to choose from depending on whether you want to see the latest 3D, no expenses spared, a Hollywood blockbuster or that little arthouse flick you don’t want to miss.

*Main photo via Pixabay

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