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Traditional festivals

The Fiesta Mayor de Sants celebrates its 25th anniversary

Written by Adriana
Photo by Ramon Oromí Farré [calBenido] via Visualhunt

Photo by Ramon Oromí Farré [calBenido] via Visualhunt

This last Saturday, August the 18th, the festivities of Sants got started with the popular “cercavila” of cabezones, gegants and tabalers who toured the gardens of Can Mantega, Joan Güell Street, Plaza de Sants, Sants Street and the street and the square of España Industrial. Sants is becoming one of the neighborhoods of Barcelona with more tradition in this type of popular celebrations, and the residents of each street are deeply involved in its ornamentation, competing to win the top prize each year. Joan Fortuny, vocalist and saxophonist of Compañía Elèctrica Dharma born in Sants, pronounced the beginning speech of the celebration, which will last until 26 August. Fortuny wanted to appeal to neighborhood solidarity and social justice, in trouble due to economic cut backs and the huge financial crisis, which leads us to the “money system”.

The events and activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this special “fiesta” are numerous in each of the 15 ornamented streets, one more than last year, Vallespir de Baix joining the group. In each and every one of these streets, the attendees and organizers will daily enjoy with popular sardinadas, xocolotades, saltxixades, dances, bingo nights, children playgrounds, discomóviles, or concerts. We could highlight the presence of the Catalan group Lax’n’Busto in the Cotxeres de Sants on August 20th at 10pm, and the concert of Anna Roig i l’Ombre de Ton Chien in España Industrial Park at 10pm, or the Surfing Sirles gig on August 23rd at 12pm in Cal Borinot. The expected prizes to the streets that decides which ones are better decorated, will be on August the 20th, the day before this celebration gets more lively and crowded, letting the “colles” enjoy the festivity with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Photo by Cargolins via Visualhunt

Photo by Cargolins via Visualhunt

On Friday August the 24th there will be two “correfocs”, one for children at 7.30pm and another for adults at 9.30pm, as well as the traditional “pilars” by Sants castellers in Plaza Málaga, which are also in charge of the closing events with a huge “Diada Castellera” on Sunday 26th, at 12pm. But the final closure of this celebration will be at the Piromusical at 9.30pm in España Industrial park.As a native inhabitant of Sants, I recommend you to put a big mark on your summer cultural agenda to not forget the Fiesta Mayor of Sants  if what you want is to live an authentic holiday experience surrounded by citizens that truly enjoy organizing and celebrating every moment of the festivities. For more information on the rental apartments that we offer in ShBarcelona click on this link.

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