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Barcelona – An Insider’s Top Tips

Written by Emily Elwes

Bicing is the best

BicingBarcelonawebGetting about Barcelona is relatively simple with a great network of public transport. However the bike hire scheme for residents is excellent, extremely cheap (€45.11/year membership) and a very pleasant way to go from place to place. Each trip is free for half an hour and charges €0.71/30 minutes after. All you need is a Spanish bank account, a credit card and an N.I.E, you can go to the office or register here online.

Never pay to get into a club

Clubbing is a big deal in Barcelona, with many of the best around Placa Real. Often these cost a little but there is a good way to get around this. Go early (11/12), walk up to a promoter and politely ask what is free that night, and you’ll get in without charge. Also, every Sunday there are free parties at the Mac Arena Mar Beach Club and at Apolo (near Paral lel) from 6-3, both of which come highly recommended.

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Finding a good beach

The beach is a popular spot during the summer months, it can also be a little crowded and dirty. However, there are still plenty of good spots out there. If you go to Poblenou and walk down Rambla de Poblenou to the sea there is an excellent stretch of sand to relax on. There is also a great spot next to the W hotel, with a brilliant bar, and if you’re a little adventurous you can duck under a barrier and climb onto the concrete blocks forming a sea wall for a great view of the city and a secluded spot.

Plan your shopping

There is no 24-hour shop culture in Barcelona and often you’ll find yourself going to get something and nothing is open. During the week from 2-5 there is a long lunch break and many shops are closed and on Sundays many shops do not open at all, including Tobacco shops. So plan your shopping around these timings, and you life will feel much easier.

Panoramic views

Barcelona_Old_Bunker_OverlookThere are some great views of Barcelona from the terraces of Hotels, often with swimming pools such as; Hotel Casa Fuster or H1898’s Isabela Terrace. Or if you prefer a more natural experience there are the Bunkers del Carmel, an old flak bunker from the Civil War, which has spectacular views of the city and a great spot for a picnic or a date. You can get there by taking the metro to Alfons X (L4 – yellow line) and walking or the No 24 or 28buses, which stop just below the peak.

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Emily is a freelance content editor & manager living & working in Barcelona. She's passionate about food, drink, language and collaborative consumption.

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