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Grab a Pup Save a Paw

Written by Enrique

I Pledge to Protect AnimalsI Pledge

Animals should always be kept in mind since they have no one to fend for them but themselves. The prospect about this sort of volunteer work is that it has raised awareness about animals that have been abandoned or abused. Independent organizations such as Liga per la protecció have helped animals that have been abused or abandoned. It mission has been to find animals that have suffered some sort of misfortune a new home. Since 1944, this Organization has changed the life of hundreds of animals while giving the participants life changing experiences. For years the main of concern this Organizations has been to provide these lovely creatures friendship, love and care.

Liga per la protecció d’ animals i plantes de Barcelona strives to follow four simple concepts. The main concept and focus is to provide services and pupsupport. They wish to foster public awareness of animal abuse as well as to try and provide a healthier ambient for rescued animals. Though their ultimate goal is find proper and humane adoptive home, volunteer work goes a long way. Innovative care is necessary for the development of more humane approaches when caring these innocent victims.

One Vision

The vision of this Organization is to provide solutions and provide a prompt response while properly exercising animal rights. This organization is asking for serious commitment that will pay off by granting many animals a better home. This Organization has proven to be highly successful and the staff has been able to improve communities while keeping animals safe. They have worked until they have been able to reach an innovative and dynamic system for proper function. It is safe to say that the staff and volunteers definitely are true Samaritans. The best part is that their adoption program is super easy and cheap. Give a paw a second chance.

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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