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Discover Sabadell: A Municipality of Barcelona

Written by Rachel G

Situated just 20 kilometers from Barcelona, Sabadell is a charming Catalan city that can be easily explored on a day trip from Barcelona. The town has its fair share of sights to see, with its own rich history, local festivals, and busy city center. Whether you live in Barcelona or you’ve just got a little extra free time during your trip, Sabadell is absolutely worth discovering if you’re looking for a quick and easy trip outside of Barcelona.

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The City

Photo by xavipat via Visualhunt

A short train or bus ride north of Barcelona, the city of Sabadell has a history dating all the way back to Roman times. In the 20th century, however, the city stood out as the leader in Catalonia‘s industrial revolution. With its many textile mills that can still be seen today, it was a major producer of wool in Spain. Today, the city has a population of about 208,000 and continues to be one of Catalonia’s most important cities. With a bustling city center and a number of sights to see and unique places to visit, Sabadell is the perfect destination option for a day outside of Barcelona.

 Things to do

There are plenty of historical and architectural sites worth seeing in Sabadell. Start by seeing one of the most impressive modernist buildings in the city, the Hotel Suís. Designed by Juli Batllevell, its beautiful facade stands out with floral designs, mosaics, and impressive balcony railings. Continue the modernist tour by visiting the Lluch Office. Also designed by Batllevell, the intricate stucco work and beautiful ceramic mosaics will impress any visitor. The building used to be an old textile factory, but is now the Sabadell Citizens Information Centre.

You should also put the Sant Felix de Sabadell Church on your list. As the archpriest church of Sabadell, it’s located in the city center nearby the town hall and features some impressive architecture. If you like the Baroque style, the Sant Fèlix Bell Tower is a must-see with its eight-sided floor plan and unique sections made of stone and fired brick. You can get a breathtaking view of the city from the top of the belltower, and there’s even a small exhibition inside featuring the building, the bells, and the clock.

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How to Get There

Photo via Pixabay

Sabadell can be easily reached from Barcelona by car, bus, or train. If you’re traveling by car, just drive about 35 minutes north of the city via the B-10 and C-58. By bus, just take the 220 from the Estació d’Autobusos de Fabra i Puig towards Josep Tura – Camí Mas d’en Cisa and change at Pl. de Mossèn Clapés for the A1 towards Av. de Matadepera. The easiest way to get there, however, is by train. Simply take the S2 train from Plaza Catalunya to Sabadell Plaza Major. Trains depart frequently and the ride takes about 45 minutes.

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Rachel G

Originally from the United States, Rachel has been living in Spain since 2014. After two years in Madrid, she moved to Barcelona in 2016 to pursue her passions in writing and photography. She spends her free time enjoying life in beautiful Barcelona and traveling around Europe as much as possible.

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