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All About Universitat Abat Oliba in Barcelona

Written by Walter Cullinan

If you’re looking for a great place to study in Barcelona, look no further than Universitat Abat Oliba. Founded on the ideas of the of the Asociación Católica de Propagandistas (Catholic Propagandistic Association), the main headquarters is in Barcelona and first opened its doors as a college in 1973 before upgrading to university status in 2003.

The University’s Mission

Photo via Pixabay

The goal of the university is not only to educate the students academically but also spiritually and ethically as inspired by Catholic church teachings. The Universitat Abat Oliba prides itself on the importance of providing students with useful skills which can be used in real life work and not just theoretically.  They try to promote an ethical culture in the university, encouraging students to help out the less fortunate in society. They want students to not only perform well academically and professionally but also encourage a can-do attitude when it comes to helping others.

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Campus Life

The university campus is located at Carrer Bellesguard, 30, 08022 on the outskirts of the main city center. It’s roughly a 20-minute drive from central Barcelona. Alternatively, you can make use of Barcelona’s excellent public transport system to get there. The L7 from Plaça de Catalunya takes you to the stop Av Tibidabo, where you can walk just fifteen minutes to arrive at the university. You can alternatively take the bus from La Rambla to the Av Tibidabo stop. Unfortunately, the university has no student accommodation, so it may be a better option to live in the city center and commute. If you’re looking for an apartment in the center, ShBarcelona can help you out in your search.

Academic Life

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The university is quite unique as it offers degrees in several disciplines. The university has also made the decision to internationalize the courses and offers several bilingual degrees, which give students a great advantage. Part of the reason why UAO CEU is so popular is for the teaching methods used there. The university has developed its own ways of teaching. Teaching is done in one-to-one tutorials, small-sized lectures, practical training, and personal training while emphasizing entrepreneurship. They emphasize the importance of international teaching by offering students opportunities to study or apply for internships abroad with the idea of easing the transition into a working environment inside or outside of Spain. The UAO CEU also has the highest employment rate among the Catalan universities and helps aspiring students reach their educational goals with scholarships and grants.

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Universitat Abat Oliba is one of the best you can attend in Spain. Although it may be lacking a bit on the campus side of things, it definitely makes up for it on the academic side by offering practical skills, great teaching methods, an international environment, bilingual studies, a wide range of degrees, and financial aid for students.

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Walter is a writer from Ireland, Barcelona is like a second home for him with something new to explore every day.

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