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Latest trends

Latest Fashion Trends In Barcelona

First European Shopping Destination: Barcelona
Written by Allison

Along with some of the better known exclusive brand names you’ll find that there are plenty of much smaller shops selling some really amazing items. Certainly Barcelona has now become well known for keeping up with the latest trends. As you wander through its streets you’ll often spot the residents of the city sporting the latest fashion trends before anywhere else.

Most of the bigger companies have chosen to locate their stores in Passeig de Gràcia, as it is a favourite location where all tourists head when they want to do a spot of shopping. But along with luxury goods from the likes of Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, and Louis Vuitton available there are plenty of stores where items designed and made by locals are available.

If you want to find latest fashion trends in Barcelona then there are several stores I recommend you consider visiting when in the city next.

Store 1 – Wa’kü

This store was opened by Julio (a psychologist) and is a treasure trove of not just fashion, but art, craftwork and coffee. As you wander around the store you’ll notice that it focuses on items created by the likes of ätakontu and Kotté.

After exploring the store for a while why not take a break and sit down and enjoy a good cup of coffee that is actually made by the owner of the store himself. Then when you’re ready again why not head off to buy yourself a little gift or two.

Store 2 – Demano

If you are looking for something that is completely unique then this is the store for you. It has been open since 1999 and creates amazing stylish products using materials unique to Barcelona that aren’t wanted anymore.

Along with various fashion items you’ll also find that their range of accessories is stunning as well. Everything is made to a very high standard and is not only very colourful but very stylish as well. The one thing I love about this particular store is that the items created are all inspired by events that took place in this city’s past, so provide you with an authentic piece of the city’s history.

Store 3 – Mercat Raval

This isn’t so much a store as a market that takes place every weekend in Rambla del Raval. This market is one that specializes in not only fashion and design but also accessories and artisan goods. It is a place that allows independent designers the opportunity to promote their goods. Not only is it somewhere that local designers have the opportunity to show off what they have created by other artists and designers from around Europe can as well.Fashion 2

Store 4 – La Veintinueve

For those who have a limited budget then head over to this little store where a wide range of beautiful vintage, rock n roll and pin up style clothes can be found.

About the author


Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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