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Top Events of 2015: All about Film

Written by heather

Top Events of 2015: FilmMostra Internacional De Films, April 27th – May 20th

The International Woman’s Film Festival features over 50 films from dozens of countries around the world. The festival celebrates new and established women directors alike. Moreover, the films typically discuss the woman’s place in society, focusing on day-to-day issues they may face in different cultures, as well as women’s influence on the world. This year sees featured screenings from Italian director Gran Bretanya, Adele Tulli and Carole Roussopoulos, amongst others. The 23rd edition includes two special programs and a selection of creative workshops as well as opening the festival with the premier of Adele Tulli’s Menopausa Rebel.


Docs Bcn, 25th – 31st MayTop Events of 2015: Film

Professionals and the public alike come together once a year to celebrate the year’s best documentaries. Over the course of two days, 24 projects are presented to a panel of judges. Award categories include Best Documentary Film, TV3 Award For Human Rights, TV3 New Filmmaker’s Award and the Teens & Docs Award. The documentaries are screened at Cinemes Renoir Floridablanca.


Top Events of 2015: FilmSala MontJuïc, July – August

Over the course of a month the open air festival screens some of the most highly acclaimed contemporary and classic films. They project each featured movie onto a screen next to the Castell de Montjuïc. Each session is introduced with a  live music concert followed by a short film. Although the space is expansive, it’s best if you get there early (doors open at 20:30) to grab a good place. This is a perfect way to spend a hot summer evening, but don’t forget to bring some layers: it can get a little chilly on the mountain.


Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya, 9th – 18th OctoberTop Events of 2015: Film

Commonly known as Sitges Film Festival, this world-renowned fantasy and horror film festival celebrates its 48th year. Films will be screened in five different venues through out the quaint seaside town. Professionals of the film industry compete in a competition that is split into 16 different categories. To complete the festivities, make your way to the Zombie walk where people dress as zombies and wonder through the streets, ending at the Zombie Fest at calle Primer de Maig.


Top Events of 2015: FilmL’Alternativa, 16th – 22nd November

Showcasing international independent films from the last year, L’Alternativa screens a wide range of contemporary films to the city. This festival introduces young and new directors, launching them into the industry. The creators of the event embrace original film-making that delve into different styles that challenge and explore everyday issues. There are a number of films screened in different venues across the cities as well as workshops and talks that the public can take part in.




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