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The Rise of Paleo-Fitness in Barcelona

Written by Neil

Paleo is a modern term for paleolithic, an era of early human history that can be dated back to ‘caveman times’. You may have heard of paleo diets, or the paleo-lifestyle. These practices focus on diets or lifestyles which would have only been available to paleolithic humans and aims to balance our natural biological and nutritional genetic system. Although somewhat controversial, the movement has been gaining popularity and scientific support – suggesting the health benefits of removing artificial flavorings, processed meats and refined sugars from our diet.

Why are paleo-gyms becoming so popular?

Paleo exercise has become an offshoot of the paleo lifestyle – promoting natural fitness and activity while avoiding movement and strain which the human body isn’t designed for. The continuous presence of machinery and technology in our everyday lives has caused a fundamental change in our relationship with nature. People are becoming more concerned about losing touch with the natural world and want to make the effort to balance this. Along with a rising awareness of dietary problems, health and environmental issues – it seems the way we exercise is next on the agenda.

How is paleo-fitness different?

Paleo concentrates on body movement and muscle development using nature as a playground. The premise is that paleo-exercise allows your body to develop and strengthen in the ways it was naturally designed for, avoiding stresses to muscle and tissue that are not present in natural movement. 

There is no singular, dogmatic fitness system to stick strictly to. It’s about allowing individuals to choose their own modes of fitness or sport while relying less on machinery – like going on group jogs rather than spending 30 minutes alone on a treadmill. The other approach to paleo-fitness is to avoid an exercise routine which focuses too heavily on cardio-based workouts. These can increase your cortisone levels, cause inflammation, damage your cells, and actually increase your stress levels. Paleo-fitness opts for an exercise regime of short but intense training workouts that work a variety of muscles simultaneously.

Where to find your nearest paleo-gym and groups. 

Barcelona is a beautiful city with a plethora of natural environments offering stunning scenery and opportunities for outdoor and natural exercise. The mountains cascade into the Mediterranean sea and offer hiking, mountain climbing, jogging, swimming and much, much more. There is a variety of self-organized meetup groups to allow individuals group access and activity which venture to many of these spots. Here you can find paleo-related gyms and fitness groups around Barcelona that take a natural approach to exercise and health. Many also organize trips and excursions to areas in and around Barcelona to take advantage of.

Paleotraining Barcelona (Carrer Bac de Roda 140, 08019)

Paleo Sabadell (Carrer Dr. Almera, 12,08205)

Jordi’s Gym (Carrer de Ses Falques 5, 17300 Blanes, Girona)

Urban Paleo Training Meetup Group 

About the author


Neil Sharma is a photographer, film-maker and writer who wants to use media and creativity for philanthropic activity. His work is inspired by the world, people and cultures and uses the power of image and imagination to share information about the world.

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