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“The Muscleria”, endless recipes made with mussels

Written by Adriana

This content will be very useful for you if you enjoy eating good and the seafood, in this case, mussels, prepared in every imaginable way. Oh, and of course, if you live in Barcelona or you are visiting the city for a while because of work, studies or for pleasure. From the ShBarcelona‘s blog we want you to know La Muscleria, a place in the heart of the emblematic Eixample district, where you will discover over 50 ways to cook mussels inspired by traditional Belgian cuisine and enjoy delicious salads, tapas or “coques” freshly made.

la-muscleria_451877The Muscleria opened in 1997 in Mallorca street, number 290, and takes its name from the translation of the word “mussel” in Catalan “musclo”. The mussels are served in a casserole, freshly made, and are accompanied by chips, as are usually served in Belgium. Try them “a la poulette”, with mushrooms, bacon and cream, steamed with a little lemon and pepper, with curry, Belgian mussels (with leeks, carrots, celery and white wine), bolognese mussels, mustard mussels, or with Asturian cider, with puttanesca sauce (tomato, onion, anchovies, olives and capers), with cava, and in every way you can imagine. If you want to try their special dishes (plates with 4 mussels) you can also order the Tartar mussels, or with romesco sauce, with “all i oli” (a garlic sauce), with cod, or topped with bechamel, Dutch mussels (stuffed with spinach and coated pine nuts), or the unmistakable “tigres “, you can’t leave the place without trying them! There are other recipes like clams and mussels sauteed with artichokes, with fresh cuttlefish, with octopus or with mushrooms, and other dishes that don’t include mussels if the seafood is not really your thing, like a delicious dish of Jabugo ham, cod with ratatouille, or steak with blue cheese.

Captura de pantalla 2014-09-08 a la(s) 01.16.47You can also order a typical Catalan salad called xatonada, with cod, anchovies and romesco sauce, or a delicious coca, a Catalan dish that is like a pizza without cheese and cold served, not hot. You can order the “coca silvestre” with bacon, greens grilled asparagus and melted brie cheese, or the “granjera“, with stuffed chicken roasted, eggplant and melted cheese, among many other with mixed ingredients on top of a thin, delicious and crusty bread. You’ll be amazed by any coca recipe!

And after listing all these amazing dishes and delicacies of Catalan and Belgian cuisine, we are sure you are already looking forward to eat all of them, so don’t wait for more explanations about it and visit La Muscleria.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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