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The Folio Club

The Folio Club
Written by Paula

If you are interested or involved in the world of books, take a moment to read this article, so you can get to know The Folio Club.

The Folio Club is an offset-digital printer and publishing house that specializes in graphic and editorial projects. Passionate about design and creativity, The Folio Club actively participates in the production of each individual’s idea, supplying all the technical tools that are needed for the development of the projects.

The Folio Club works as a platform for the dissemination of independent editorial projects, serving also as a place of reflection and discussion about new ideas and practices in the graphic sector.

Printing with The Folio Club

printing barcelonaLarge Formats

The Folio Club is equipped with cutting-edge tools to help individuals bring their creation to life. They have a pre-printing and digital retouching department that can be very useful when printing images and works of art. The Folio Club is committed to quality printing that will last forever, which means they only print large formats on certified paper like Hahnemühle, Tecco Paper and Canson Infinity. Every single print is processed using a RIP software that guarantees impeccable color in every copy, allowing the artist to reprint the certified work. The Folio Club also offers authenticity certificates in order to assure the exclusivity of limited editions, reducing the risk of forgery.

Digital Offset

The use of The Folio Club’s Kodak Nexpress 2500 SE guarantees the opportunity to print as much as necessary, in multiple versions. The Folio Club’s work is artisanal. They work on each individual piece with care and dedication until every single detail is perfect, on books, special pieces, corporate material and much more.

Editorial Services

The Folio Club is committed to the production of great creative work. For that reason, they participate in every phase of the production of an idea, offering tools like design, editorial advice, layout and online sales.

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Green Printing

The Folio Club is an environmentally conscious company.  They only use paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means it comes from woods that are being managed in a sustainable way. They also invest in biodegradable ink that can be dissolved with water, avoiding the necessity to use any contaminating product.


printing barcelonaThe Folio Club is constantly organizing interesting events like Read or Die, an independent publishing fair, Streetopolis, a photography exhibit, and workshops like Scenic Photography.

Join The Folio Club

By joining The Folio Club, people can take part in the club’s many activities and events. It’s as easy as filling an online form.

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