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The best vichyssoise recipe with “Cocina en…”

Written by Adriana

In summer you feel like eating cold soups, salads and light food, easy to digest and low calorie to avoid heavy digestions at naptime and after dinner. And what better than a cold-served vichyssoise? Learn how to prepare this delicious dish with our gastronomic collaborators from “Cocina en…” by following the steps of the preparation process. From the blog of ShBarcelona we suggest you to try this “cream” and invite your friends to try it with you, it won’t disappoint you or them. It is very easy to prepare and it would you look like an expert cook! Here it goes…


3 leeks
3 potatoes
olive oil


Put a little oil and butter in a pan, add the poached cut chives. It is important that the mix isn’t browned. Then add the white part of leek, chopped potatoes, water, salt and cook everything until the vegetables are tender. Once the vegetables are cooked, grind them with the strainer to make it thinner. Leave it in the fridge a few hours as this cream has to be eaten cold. Present this dish accompanied by chopped chives and/or powder ham on top.

Enjoy your meal!

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