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The 2018 Women’s Film Series

Written by Laura

Historically, talented women are frequently left behind and forgotten despite their many accomplishments and contributions to society. In this new era of the revolution and recognition of female talent in male-dominated industries, the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona has put forward a female film series as a collaboration with the feminist movement that is stronger than ever before. Today from ShBarcelona we want to talk about the Women’s Film Series that began this year, where you’re just in time to see the last two titles that are left to screen.

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Recognizing women through film

Photo by Coolhuntparis via Visualhunt

This year, the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona decided to project a film series in which women are the principal protagonists. The initiative has come in a time of feminist vindication, in which women have raised their voices on various levels of society, especially those where their participation has been limited in the past. The film series began with its first showing on May 18 with the thought-provoking film Hidden Figures, or Figuras Ocultas in Spanish. The film highlights the important contributions of three intelligent and skilled African-American women, whose work at NASA was overlooked by American society in the sixties due to their gender and race. 

On May 31, the series featured the film In Between (titled Bar Bahar, entre dos mundos in Spanish), a story of three resident Palestinian women in Tel-Aviv fighting for a normal life as young people in a culture and territory where it’s difficult to find your own place. The next film chosen was Wadjda, or La bicicleta verde in Spanish. The first film to be written and directed by a women from Saudi Arabia, it reflects the complex world inhabited by women in the Middle East. It features a Saudi girl who doesn’t give up when she is forbidden to own a bicycle as a girl, showing the ordeal that seemingly simple things can be for many girls and women in Saudi Arabia.

Photo via Pixabay

The two screenings that remain will take place on September 30 and October 7. The first will be the film Maudie (titled Maudie, el color de la vida in Spanish). A story about love and a series of beautiful paintings by a self-taught artist that have become famous, these two threads guide the film based on the true story of a Canadian painter who is known as one of the best folk artists in Canada. The showing will take place at 9:30 p.m. at Joan Pelegrí plaza, as part of the scheduled events for the celebration of Hostafrancs.

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The final screening in the film series will take place at Comas Plaza at 9:00 p.m. in collaboration with the Taula de Dones (Women’s Table) in the Les Corts district. The Chilean film Rara puts forward a reflective story of the dilemma faced by lesbian women at bringing their families forward into the judgement of society. In this film about two daughters whose mother decides to spend her life with another woman, this conflict is only felt when their family’s situation collides with the reservations of others in society.

Are you excited to see the remaining films in this year’s Women’s Film Series?

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