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Living in Barcelona

5 Reasons to Telework in Barcelona

woman in orange top wokring on laptop
Written by Daniella

You are working in Ireland, but would like to live in Barcelona. Does that sound familiar to you? After Covid’s lockdown we see this happening more and more.

At ShBarcelona we are well aware that teleworking is not just a trend but here to stay, and that is why we will share some useful tips with those who want to live in Barcelona and telework from here.

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Barcelona: telework destination

Before the pandemic, Barcelona attracted many tourists and travellers for being the city it is. Barcelona is a favourite because of its year-round pleasant climate with lovely temperatures, its proximity to both beaches and mountains, and it is also perfectly located geographically in the South of Europe.

Tourism numbers have decreased after the pandemic, and that is why the city is looking for change. Instead of wanting tourists to come and visit only for a couple of days, the city is now targeting travellers who will stay in Barcelona for a longer period of time. In the meanwhile they can telework and keep working with their international companies.

As countries within the European Union do not require quarantine, Barcelona aims at finding those digital nomads who can come here, log in, and continue their usual work.

teleworking desk

Photo via Unsplash

Advantages of remote working from Barcelona

Teleworking offers many plusses for both the employee and employer. A better work-life balance, flexible working hours, saving money, improving targets and productivity are only some of the factors that play a key role when working remotely.

We also want to point out what the advantages of working remotely from Barcelona are, as it is not the same as working in other big cities.

1. Mediterranean lifestyle

Any traveller will fall in love with Barcelona’s relaxed and easy-going lifestyle. The philosophy of the Barcelonians is a combination of eating good food, having fun and meeting friends. And while we are on the subject of food, we should mention that there are 29 restaurants with a Michelin star in the city.

Of course, you will also find your tapas bars and restaurants that represent kitchens from every part of the world.

2. Barcelona’s enterprises and technology

If we can name one thing that characterises the Catalans, then it is that they are entrepreneurs, which explains why many companies, start-ups and talented people are attracted to Barcelona. The Mobile World Congress, for example, represents the spirit of the city perfectly. Technology companies from all over the world gather in the city during this spectacular event.

Besides being a friendly city, Barcelona is also a great example of a smart city. There is a district especially designed for technology companies, and it is called 22@. The city is also popular for having one of the best public wifi networks in Europe.

3. Cultural city

Barcelona’s cultural scene is also one of its strong points, but don’t be mistaken and think it’s all about Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, because there are many theaters and nightlife venues you can enjoy here nowadays.

4. Nature and bicycle lanes

As if these are not already great advantages of Barcelona, there are also more than 200 bicycle lanes. Take a bike ride, have a stroll or do some sports while you are in the city. And of course we shouldn’t forget about the wonderful beaches and the promenade that is only for pedestrians.

Most people, however, don’t know that Barcelona is surrounded by the Collserola mountain range and Montjuic mountain, and this is where you can truly disconnect from your home office to clear your head.

5. International airport

The Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the second busiest airport in Spain and, with around 1000 flights arriving and departing daily, one of the most used airports in Europe.

woman sitting at desk teleworking in Barcelona

Photo via Pexels

The best zones to live and work remotely in Barcelona

So, you have made up your mind and want to move to Barcelona for a while? That’s great! Now let’s talk about the best places to live in while you are here. It all depends on what you’re looking for and what your budget is, of course.

The best neighbourhoods are those that are well-connected by public transport, and that is exactly why we would recommend picking the central zone of the city, like the districts of Ciutat Vella, Eixample, Gracia, Sant Andreu and Horta-Guinardo.


Every one of these districts can be characterized differently, as we will show you:

Required documents for remote working in Barcelona

If you live in Barcelona, you must pay your taxes here. This means you must take necessary steps to get your paperwork in order. The following aspects must be arranged in order to work and live in a rental apartment in Barcelona:

  1. Get your NIE number
  2. Apply for your Social Security number
  3. Open a Spanish bank account
best neighbourhoods in Barcelona

Photo via Pexels

Coworking locations to meet with teleworkers in Barcelona

It is good to know that there are many coworking options all throughout the city. These remote working offices are ideal for travellers, expats or locals who need an office or meeting room. They provide space to teleworkers in Barcelona, who want to connect with others every now and then, or need a break from their regular home office.

This is a short list of coworking offices in Barcelona:

  • OneCoWork (with offices on Via Laietana, at Plaça Catalunya and in Marina Port Vell)
  • Meet BCN
  • 021 Estudio
  • Loft Cowork Can Felipa
  • Gracia Work Center
  • Betahaus
  • MOB Barcelona

Homeworking or Workation from Barcelona

The last topic we would like to share with you, is the initiative Barcelona Turisme has started, called: Workation. The campaign hopes to attract a certain type of traveller by including medical insurance, agreements with coworking offices, tickets for tourist attractions and some accommodations in Barcelona.

The campaign’s slogan is: ‘Move your desk, change your life’. The initiative wants to motivate Europeans to work remotely from the sunny city of Barcelona. It is specifically aimed for digital nomads in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.


And you? Would you like to work remotely from Barcelona and live here for a while? 
Share your experience in the comment section, and don’t forget to share this article with anyone who is interested in living in Barcelona!

About the author


Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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