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Sweet pastry at La Colmena’s shop windows

Written by Adriana

It is unknown the year that was created this historic pastisserie, but it is known that its original name was Ca l’Abella, as it was Rosendo Abella who sold candy in the Baixada de la Llibreteria Street, right in front of the current location of La Colmena. Currently, this business is known as one of the most traditional and oldest bakeries in Barcelona and they make sweets following the same recipe that was used for decades. From ShBarcelona we want to encourage you to take a peek around and let yourselves be amazed by its spectacular windows full of cakes, meringues, pastries, candies and creams.

A little more of history

Continuing with the story of La Colmena, another important date for this place is 1872, when the Costa family acquired the business, moved and renamed by which still has today, even maintaining Ca l’Abella name on the facade. In 1912 the family Morato i Santpera bought the business and, a few years after that, in 1921 Chocolates J. Camps bought the business. It was not until 1927 that the brothers Josep and Francesc Roig Manubens bought the business, which is now run by the grandson José María Roig. The grand grandson of the brothers, Toni Roig, and son of José María, is who makes candies today with the traditional recipe along with other sweets.

For the sweet tooth!

pasteleria-la-colmena-barcelona-escaparate-duces-300x225If you tend to be those who enjoy sweet at all hours of the day, we suggest you that you don’t walk often in front of the window of La Colmena, so you won’t end up with a few extra kilos. You can also choose between its salty elaboration if you don’t feel like eating some sweet food, but we recommend you not to forget to try the flagship products. Their specialties range from toasted yolk nougat, to sugar bolados, and, of course, artisanal sweets, Nice fruits, cupcakes, pine nut panellets, “melindros”, carquinyolis, coca, all kinds of cakes and turron-pasteleria-la-colmena-barcelona-escaparate-duces-300x225mousses, “brazo de gitano” (a kind of cake) of all flavors and fillings, macaroons, meringues soft and dry, cream or apple “enreixades“, chocolates in bars, in bombons and in any shape that you can think of, and even Catalan cava, honey and jams. As you can see the list is endless, you have to choose following your tastes and preferences.

All products are top quality and no more expensive than any other pastisseries that make the same products, furthermore the ingredients are of a poorer quality. If you want to give yourself a treat you can buy chocolates and macarons, or a delicious nougat of various sizes.

Where: Plaça de l’Angel 12.

Phone: 933 151 356

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 21:00

Facebook: Pastisseria La Colmena

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