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Arts & Culture

Finding Contemporary Artists in Barcelona

Written by Emily Elwes

For art aficionados finding rare works by masters of ages past is the true pinnacle of their art lives. Yet for most casual art appreciators, enjoying master’s art is generally done in large world-renown museums. Why limit yourself to only these artists when there are thousands of great modern living artists waiting to be found and appreciated. Barcelona provides one of the best art scenes in Europe with formalized educational institutes, world class museums and master’s works of bygone eras. This has led to a great community of locally known artists in galleries throughout the city. Talk a walking tour of great galleries of modern artists from your weekly rental flat in Barcelona for an eye-opening experience of what modern artists are doing.

Artevistas Gallery

Opened in 2007 with the express purpose of supporting and exposing some of the best young and modern talent to the world, it has become the springboard for many great artists. The collection consists of over 800 pieces in many art mediums from over 50 talented young artists. Previewing the gallery is easy with their online virtual tour and online shop for prints. The gallery is split into two different collections, their permanent collection and temporary collection that rotates every six weeks. If you are looking for some of the best and brightest minds in art in Barcelona this should absolutely be your first stop.

modern living artists plom sergio moraPLOM Gallery

A truly different experience is visiting this gallery. Not only will you be astounded with the quality, breadth and depth of art available but the fact that it is all produced by children will leave you breathless. With a strong belief that art can be a training tool for human development that encourages creativity, self-esteem, imagination and effort this gallery truly focuses on developing young talent.  All artwork includes certificate of authenticity, title of the art piece and a credit to the child artist. As the first contemporary art gallery promoting the art of children it is unique in its gallery and vision. It is at this important stage of development that young artists need the most support and encouragement to continue their art forms.

modern living artists miscelanea galleryMiscelanea

A different type of modern gallery, that includes audiovisual creations, art and design in an attempt to bring art closer to the public by making it more accessible. This interesting mixture of art provides innovation and independent ideas to come forth from young minds with their pulse on the new digital age and its effects on art. With stage shows, audiovisual presentations, electronic sessions and small format concerts, Miscelanea can keep the art pulse of the new age. Take time out to discover even more art galleries of modern living artists in Barcelona and witness the development the next era of master artists.

From a weekly rental flat in Barcelona, an easy walking tour can visit many of the great art galleries this city has to offer.

Who is your favourite young artist? Post your links and pictures to show your artist pride.

About the author

Emily Elwes

Emily is a freelance content editor & manager living & working in Barcelona. She's passionate about food, drink, language and collaborative consumption.


  • Hello,
    I was just in Barcelona and we were visiting Park Guell. I saw an artist there selling watercolors and acrylic of the Barcelona cityscapes some on canvas and others on paper. He was a gentleman in his fifties maybe. Hoping you might know his name. I would live to buy some of his work and regret not doing that at the time. I was there on June 10th 2017. Dawn
    Email Thank You

  • Hello Emily.
    I’m wondering if you could help me. I have a restaurant in raval. Very elegant and rustic. And I am looking for artists to exhibit there works in my restaurant. Hopefully with a modern abstract style. Please if you know of anyone can you pass them my email address. my name is Jason James Gell and the restaurant is RAÓ in calle sitges 3 Barcelona. Many thanks in advance.

  • I am sorry for my lack of Spanish.

    I am looking for young contemporary artist to exhibit there works (paintings) in my busy restaurant in Raval.

    I am looking for colour and vibrance.
    If you may know anybody that might like to show there works in a permanent exhibition form. Please let me know

    Kindest regards

    Jason James Gell
    Saludos cordiales

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