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Must See Architecture in Barcelona

Written by James

For those interested in must-see buildings a Barcelona architecture tour can highlight some architectural treasures with buildings that include Gothic churches, Renaissance palaces and modernist buildings that all compete for your attention. Ensure the comfortability of your stay in Barcelona by looking for a short term rental apartment in which to lounge and enjoy the city as if you were at home.

Barcelona Churches

Cathedral_of_Santa_Eulalia_BarcelonaBarcelona’s home to fine examples of Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, medieval and even modern examples of architecture in church design. Two of the most famous examples often confused with each other include Sagrada Familia and the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. Eulalia otherwise known as the Barcelona Cathedral. The Barcelona Cathedral built during the 13th to 15th centuries is home to the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona. Whereas Sagrada Familia, proclaimed a minor basilica, started construction in 1882 and is expected to finish in 2026-2030 around the centenary of its architect’s death, the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. These must see churches represent two significant differences in the architectural history of Barcelona churches.

Residential Living

Not often does a city have such luxurious and proclaimed residential architecture as in Barcelona. Probably the most influential on Barcelona architecture were those designed by Antoni Gaudi. Even if you had no idea about different architectural designs and eras the designs of Gaudi are unmistakable throughout the city and stand out. La Pedrera possibly the most interesting residential architectural design in the world has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its truly stunning design. Another residential design by Gaudi includes Caso Batllo, built in 1877 yet restored in 1904 and was awarded one of the top building designs by city Council in 1906. The roof of this building is arched like that of a dragon and provides a distinctive relief against the night sky.

Modern Buildings

Barcelona_Torre_Agbar_Although there are many Gothic and art nouveau designs within Barcelona it is not without its modern amenities and modern towers to compete with the major cities of the world. Torre Agbar, built by the company of the same name is currently the tallest building in Barcelona and only Sagrada Familia will be taller when it is finished, as a current by law states that no building can be taller than this iconic church. At 142 m the rooftop vista is amazing even though it is not open to the public. Yet one of its many charms is its ability to illuminate at night with many different colors and patterns because of its distinctive modern design. 4500 illuminated glass panels constantly change their colors to provide an ever-changing design. Another interesting modern design is Frank Gehry’s Fish, appearing to jump out of the earth like a celestial fish made to shimmer in the light.

The Barcelona architecture tour is famed for is its ability to continually stun both the lover of building art forms and the novice as well as for its wide range of styles throughout humanity’s history. A simple walk from your short term rental flat will elicit ancient to modern vistas.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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