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Street Markets in Barcelona

Written by James

Barcelona is famous for its colourful and energetic street life, and visitors and residents of the city are spoilt for choice when it comes to street markets. There are a numerous designated locations dotted around the city that are specifically used for street markets, and patrons will find a wealth of clothing, food, art and oddities available to buy from the various stalls. Of course, Barcelona is quite a large city and it can be difficult determining which markets are of the most interest. This article will detail some of the better-known street markets in the city, and will discuss finding Barcelona vacation rentals for your stay.

Barcelona Street Markets

Barcelona is a relatively old city located in the Catalan region of Spain. As a result, it is filled with long and winding streets perfect for street markets and stalls selling everything from food, to fashion to art. The majority of street markets that operate in Barcelona today will have a number of different things for sale, but some markets sell specific items only (food markets etc). It’s a good idea to have a quick read up of any street markets you’re interested in to double check that the items on offer are of interest to you and your party. The Barcelona Tourist Guide has an excellent review of street markets that all visitors should check out. The biggest street market in Barcelona is definitely the Els Encants street market, which is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Els Encants consists of stalls selling a variety of products and all visitors are sure to find something of interest. Readers interested in flea markets in Barcelona are advised to head to Fira de Nautumismo, which is open on Sundays between 10am and 2pm. Fira de Nautumismo is not strictly a flea market, and book and coin collectors will be happy with the selection of items on offer. The Mercadillo de la Placa de Sant Josep is one of Barcelona’s premier art markets featuring the work of Catalan artists, and is an excellent place to pick up a piece of work by a local artist. This market is open every weekend and all styles of art are covered. Additional information regarding art galleries can be found on this Barcelona Yellow webpage.

Staying in Barcelona

For most people, the length of their stay in the city will determine which rental agents are best for them. However, agencies like ShBarcelona tend to be the better choice as they have a variety of properties available to rent for flexible periods of time. For instance, ShBarcelona has Barcelona apartments that can be rented for a day, a week, a month and even a year, and if you’re considering in moving to Barcelona on a more permanent basis you will be happy to hear that the company has a range of apartments and homes for sale.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.


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