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Discover The Best Perfumeries in Barcelona

Discover The Best Perfumeries in Barcelona
Written by Dorothy

If you are a lover of shopping and a lover of fragrances, Barcelona will give you a real treat! This guide will help you on track down some of the best must-visit perfumeries in Barcelona.

Les Topettes

portadaok2-400x300The owners of this contemporary perfumery, situated in the increasingly trendy Raval neighbourhood, are a young couple with an interest in design and personal grooming. They have created a unique space, evoking a vintage pharmacy style. Here you will find shelves filled with quality and exotic toiletries and cosmetics. The charm of this peaceful store reflects that of the surrounding Raval neighbourhood, where you really get a feel of old meets new.

You can check out the website for more information about the store, its owners and the brands and products they sell.

The Perfumery and The Basilica Perfume Gallery

Two of the best in traditional perfumeries worthy of a visit are to be found in the Gothic area of Barcelona. They are called The Perfumery and the Basilica Perfume Gallery and they collaborate with the best perfumers in the world. Not only are these the perfect places to find a truly unique fragrance, but if you have seen the film Perfume, it may also make for a very interesting visit, albeit in a somewhat dark sense – the nearby Plaza Sant Felip Neri just happened to be the setting for one of the murder scenes in the film.

The Perfumery attracts visitors from all over the globe. Part of its intrigue and appeal is that it has a range of perfumes inspired by various fictional and historical characters. One of the most successful is the perfume of Napolean Bonaparte and his family, created in 1795.

The major draw of the Basilica Perfume Gallery is the fact that it is home to Spain’s largest collection of niche perfumes, with more than 69 collections spanning different countries and amounting to more than 600 perfumes.

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Regia (perfume museum)

museum21If you are really into perfumes, you should head to Regia’s flagship store located on the rather swanky Passeig de Gracia. Regia is a chain of stores located around Barcelona, but in this particular one, there is an extra treat in store. Here you will find not only a shop selling the most exclusive and top range lines in perfume, but also a museum where you can peruse over 5,000 bottles of perfume, documenting the history of the perfume from ancient to modern times. You can see displays of containers from the ancient Roman, Egyptian and Greek cultures. It is a real gem for perfume lovers.

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Dorothy is a University of Barcelona Psychology graduate, TEFL teacher and Spanish learner. She is keen on all things related to health, fitness, exploring and learning.

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