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Parc del Centre del Poblenou

Written by Miguel
Photo by luisfraguada via Visualhunt

Photo by luisfraguada via Visualhunt

A modern and busy metropolis, Barcelona has everything. Restaurants, tapas bars, cinemas, shopping malls, gyms, yoga studios, nightclubs, beautiful architecture, awe-inspiring churches and some of the best museums in the world. But sometimes, all you need is a walk in the park.

Far from the urban bustle, a good park is an isle of tranquility, the eye of the storm, a place where you can take a stroll amongst the trees, read a book, meditate, watch the people calmly walk by – and of course, the capital of Catalonia also has plenty of wonderful parks when you can just relax and enjoy yourself while the world stops outside and the roaring of cars becomes a distant memory. We’d like to tell you about one of those places – Parc del Centre del Poblenou.

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A symbol of modernity

Photo by luisfraguada via Visualhunt

Photo by luisfraguada via Visualhunt

A neighbourhood in the Sant Martí district, Poblenou was once the epicenter of Barcelona’s thriving textile industry. In the last few decades, though, it has left behind the austerity of large 19th-century brick mills to become a modern part of the city, bristling with youth and offering plenty of services and entertainment.

Right in the centre of the neighbourhood, Parc del Centre del Poblenou is a very modern space, having been inaugurated in 2008. A project of multiple award-winning architect Jean Nouvel, it gave the old industrial area of the barrio a much needed and quite literal breath of fresh air. It’s biggest accomplishment, though, is that it gives the neighbourhood a green coat of paint through a rich variety of Mediterranean  planting, while still fitting in perfectly with the surrounding urban environment.

Covering a total surface area of 55,000 m2, the park’s architectonical boldness makes it stand out, not like a sore thumb, but instead like a well-placed centerpiece that perfectly symbolizes the spirit of a new colourful and inviting Poblenou.

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Tranquillity and leisure

Photo by Velcro. via Visualhunt

Photo by Velcro. via Visualhunt

Surrounded by a high wall covered with flowers, the park keeps away the outside world and all its noise, giving its visitors a feeling of blissful isolation from the trivial worries of life. Walking through it, you’ll find children joyfully running around in its various play areas and people of all ages playing ping pong on one of the freely available tables. Under the trees, you’ll find not only shade but also time to breathe.

During the summer, the park is open to the public every day from 10 AM to 9 PM. Over the winter season, its schedule becomes a little shorter – from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Will you take a walk in this relaxing Barcelona park soon? Let us know what you think about Parc del Centre del Poblenou using the comment box below.

Enjoy your stay in the capital of Catalonia!

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