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Your way to the photogenic Siurana de Prades

Prades Siurana, Tarragona
Written by Michael

A couple of hours from Barcelona – in the region of Tarragona – is a beautiful village steeped in much magical history. It goes by the name of Prades Siurana.

Prades Siurana – one of the most beautiful villages

Photo by Gerard Reyes | Fotografía via Visual Hunt

Considered one of the most beautiful of all the villages in the entire province, Prades Siurana sits at 533m above sea level. With its size of 62 square kilometres its rather small and completely delightful.

This quant and tiny piece of paradise has the remains of an ancient Arabian castle, constructed in the ninth century, with its prominent location – a vantage point for a defensive against ne’er do wells and vagabonds wanting to infiltrate the village.

The Romanesque church of Santa Maria can also be found in the village. A wonderfully preserved building whose construction dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries, when the village was considered the last stronghold of the Saracens of Catalonia.

Along with a long and intriguing history and some divine architecture, Prades Siurana also has some great traditional restaurants serving typically delicious Catalan cuisine

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Memories of Princesses and Warriors

Photo via calafellvalo via Visual hunt

To make the most out of the village, there is an itinerary entitled ‘Memories of Princesses and Warriors’. The trail takes three-hours and is not a difficult one. Although it does involve some dynamic hill walking and may not be considered suitable for the frail or those who are afraid of heights.

The route full of legend, as you traverse paths that have been used since the Middle Ages. To commence the trail, head for the ruins of the old castle. From there, take the path to Trona for some stunning vistas. For more details of the route, click here.

The only method of reaching the village is by car via the highway that connects from Cornudella de Montsant.

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