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A walk in Carrer del Portal Nou

Written by Paula

There are always so many things to discover in Barcelona, that sometimes it pays to get lost. New stores, bakeries, restaurants, an array of fascinating businesses we would never know if we hadn’t accidentally stumbled upon them.

Today, let’s explore the businesses of a little street called Carrer del Portal Nou.

Lolita Bakery

barcelona barcelonaLolita Bakery cooks using only natural ingredients, preparing each one of their products artisanally. The bakery was founded in 2009 by three friends, Viky, Marti, and Carol, who wanted to offer American-style baked goods, recreating some of the classics and also inventing new flavors.

At Lolita Bakery, you can find cupcakes, small pies, puddings, cookies, and a variety of cakes. The bakery accepts orders for cakes and other baked goods for every type of occasion. Visit Lolita Bakery online and browse their online catalog. But beware! It will make your mouth water!

Lolita Bakery is located at Carrer del Portal Nou, 20.

Vostok Printing Shop

Vostok Printing Shop is a place where artists, designers, illustrators and anyone who wants to print or make copies of their work can come for help. Vostok Printing Shop works with lettering stencils, lithography, serigraphy, and block printing.             

Vostok Printing Shop is located at Carrer del Portal Nou, 31.

Taco Alto

Taco Alto is a new Mexican restaurant that serves typical Mexican favorites like tacos, quesadillas, and antojitos. With its fresh and tasteful look, Taco Alto is sure to guarantee visitors a good time.

Taco Alto is located at Carrer del Portal Nou, 62.

Galeria Maxó

Galeria Maxó has two locations in Barcelona. The main gallery is located at Portal Nou 29, and the smaller one at number 29 of Carrer dels Carders. Both the locations display interesting works of modern art and vintage windup toys. If you look at the ceiling, you will see a cute little train going by from time to time, riding the suspended tracks.

Galeria Maxó is located at Carrer del Portal Nou, 29.

Barcelona Electric

Barcelona Electric is one of the many tattoo shops in Barcelona. It is open from Monday to Saturday between 11 am and 8 pm.

Barcelona Electric is located at Carrer del Portal Nou, 30.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.

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  • Paula- I am traveling to Barcelona by myself for 3 days and someone recommended an airbnb on carrer del portal Nou and I cannot seem to find it. Can you suggest a great area so I can book an airbnb for June?

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